Shop smart, save more: how to get the most out of AliExpress’ birthday and Ramadan sale

The holy month of Ramadan coincides with AliExpress’ Birthday Sale, creating a unique opportunity to combine celebration and savings. Buckle up, because this guide will show you how to navigate this exciting sales season and maximize your benefits:

1. Plan and prioritize:

Make a list: Jot down items you need for both Ramadan (dates, prayer mats, decorations), Iftar or Suhoor (table dressing, kitchenware), and everyday essentials.

Set a budget: Allocate a realistic budget, factoring in discounts, collect digital vouchers and look out for free shipping.

2. Explore and collect:

Dive into the Ramadan Sales: Explore the dedicated Ramadan section on the AliExpress app or website to discover curated collections, special offers, and Ramadan-specific products. Find things here for your entire family.

Collect coupons and coins: Both the Birthday and Ramadan sales offer various coupons and digital coins redeemable for additional discounts.

3. Time it right:

Warm-up phase: AliExpress sales often begin with a “warm-up” phase offering bonus points for adding items to your cart. Participate in this phase to maximize your potential savings.

SuperDeals, Big Save and main sale days: Be prepared for limited-time super deals, browse the Big Save channel for top brands, and scoop up the biggest discounts throughout the sales period.

4. Combine and Conquer:

Stacking strategies: Some coupons and discounts can be combined for even greater savings. Explore different combinations before finalizing your purchase. During Ramadan sales, shoppers can save $4 for every $25 spent on the platform, up to a maximum of $16 off per order. AliExpress will provide discount codes for further reductions for its birthday sales, with the highest reduction reaching a maximum of $45 on larger orders.

Free shipping offers: Look for items with free shipping options to save even more, especially on bulk purchases. A wide range of products on AliExpress now offers free shipping.

5. Stay Informed and Stay Alert:

Download the AliExpress app: Receive notifications on exclusive deals, flash sales, and coupon updates directly on your phone.

Follow their social media: Stay updated on the latest sale announcements and exciting promotions through their official social media channels.

By following these simple tips, you can transform the combined AliExpress Birthday and Ramadan Sale into an opportunity to fulfill your Ramadan needs and stock up on essentials, all while saving significant amounts. So, get ready to shop smart, save more, and celebrate a blessed and budget-friendly Ramadan!

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