Taha International Seals Game-Changing MOU with South Korea’s Powerhouse, Hwarim Tech

Taha International Company for Industrial Services has successfully forged a significant partnership by signing a memorandum of understanding with the esteemed South Korean company, Hwarim Tech.

The primary objective of this MOU is to strengthen and expand the cooperation between the two companies within the realm of aluminum processing. The scope of the partnership encompasses various areas, including boosting technology trade deal of Industry Dust & Gas Extractor System, and aluminium dross treatment system and know-how support & knowledge.

Furthermore, this collaboration aims to foster the exchange of invaluable experiences and knowledge, facilitating the development of investment opportunities and joint cooperation in projects related to the enhancement of manufacturing processes, quality standards, and the exploration of innovative technologies and methodologies within the field of aluminum.

The signing took place during the visit of a Bahraini trade delegation, led by His Excellency Minister of Industry and Commerce, Abdullah bin Adel Fakhro, to South Korea. The primary objective of this visit was to foster stronger bilateral investments between the two friendly nations, aligning with the economic recovery plan.

The visit aimed to establish new avenues for collaboration and elevate the level of coordination and socio-economic exchange across diverse sectors. This initiative received valuable support from Export Bahrain, further enhancing the prospects of mutual growth and prosperity.

In accordance with the terms of this agreement, Taha International Company will supply the Korean company with secondary aluminum materials. The purpose behind this collaboration is to leverage innovative methodologies that promote sustainability and environmental preservation, specifically through the extraction of aluminum metal.

Under this partnership, the two companies will join forces to offer comprehensive solutions to enterprises operating within the aluminum sector. These solutions will revolve around employing cutting-edge technologies to effectively treat aluminum dross and extract aluminum metal in a manner that is both environmentally friendly and energy-efficient.

The agreement also facilitates the utilization of the Korean company’s extensive expertise and advanced technology to develop innovative solutions for reducing ammonia emissions during the aluminum dross treatment processes involved in the production of by-products. This collaboration aligns with the objectives of “Taha International” in promoting sustainable development within the aluminum industry and transitioning towards a greener economy.

“This collaboration signifies our commitment to bolster trade cooperation between the Kingdom of Bahrain and South Korea in the aluminum sector, with a particular focus on advancing aluminum processing technologies. The aim is to foster stronger ties and strategic partnerships between the Bahraini and South Korean aluminum industries, while capitalizing on the South Korean counterpart’s cutting-edge technologies. Leveraging our existing economic and trade relations, we intend to establish enduring partnerships and initiatives that facilitate fruitful collaboration and pave the way for future growth plans.” According to Mr. Ammar Awachi, CEO of Taha International.

“We take great pride in this collaboration and eagerly anticipate mutual benefits. Our commitment remains steadfast in exporting our services and products to global markets, while fostering continuous cooperation to drive innovation, leverage cutting-edge technologies, and shape global trends in the utilization of aluminum metal. We commend Export Bahrain for their active role in creating a conducive environment for private sector institutions, enabling them to thrive, prosper, and expand their operations.”

For his part, Mr. Andrew Jwa, General Manager of Hwarim Tech, said: “We are delighted to sign this MOU with Taha International Company. We are confident that this collaboration will facilitate the exchange of expertise in this significant industry, leading to the development of innovative solutions for aluminum processing.”

“We firmly believe that this agreement will strengthen international cooperation between our company and the friendly Kingdom of Bahrain, enabling us to collectively address the diverse challenges within the aluminum sector. We are enthusiastic about working closely with our partners in Bahrain to achieve our shared objectives, and we eagerly anticipate the positive outcomes that this agreement will yield in the future.”

Furthermore, Mrs. Safa Abdulkhaliq, the CEO of Export Bahrain, warmly welcomed this agreement, emphasizing that the growing number of Bahraini-South Korean partnerships and trade relations aligns with the company’s dedication to broadening the Kingdom of Bahrain’s international partnership portfolio. This commitment exemplifies a resolute approach towards expanding relations between the two nations, while fostering robust cooperation and friendship with various friendly countries.

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