Steven Gerrard discusses football, family, and future aspirations

In an exclusive interview with the Roshn Saudi League (RSL), Al Ettifaq manager Steven Gerrard shared his perspectives on various aspects of his life and career. Gerrard, while a notable figure in football, spoke about alternative careers, advice for young players, family life, and his views on leadership and legacy.

Gerrard opened up about other potential career paths outside football management: “I am very much into sport so I would’ve tried to stay in some sport in some capacity and tried to get a job related to football or maybe related to a different sport. Because growing up all I wanted to do was watch sport on TV, do sport at school, so I’m very sport orientated.”

For young athletes dreaming of a career in football, Gerrard’s advice is simple yet profound: “Dream big, picture a dream and then work as hard as you can every single day to improve, to listen to the right people and every day be extremely motivated and dedicated to reach your dream. I think football is about dreams and memories and experiences so my advice to them is set a dream, set a target and then every single day maximize the opportunities to get better to learn and to grow and to improve your skills and reach for the stars.”

Gerrard also shared insights into his personal life, particularly his role as a father: “When I am not at work or at football I am very much family orientated. I have 3 daughters and 1 son so I am always taking them to different places, always playing football in the garden with my son or taking him to football so I am probably a taxi or an uber driver for a lot of the times and also taking them to school, picking them up from school, doing homework and if I get a small bit of time to myself I like to spend it with my friends.”

When asked about his top three footballers Gerrard’s choices reflect his admiration for both the legends and contemporaries of the game: “I would pick Zinedine Zidane because he was my hero growing up. In my generation, he was the best midfielder in the world so I’d pick Zinedine Zidane and also the two best players in my generation by far were Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, so they’d be the three I’d pick.”

Regarding how he wants to be remembered, Gerrard expressed a desire for others to see his commitment and teamwork: “I want to be remembered for someone who gave everything in terms of 100% every single day. I was loyal, I was a fighter, I wanted to give all my energy and my efforts for the team that I represented and I was a team player so I want to be remembered for them values.”

Steven Gerrard’s Al Ettifaq currently sit in 7th place in the RSL and are set to face Al Raed in their next RSL fixture on Saturday, 27th April 2024.

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