International Women’s Health Conference and Exhibition, 300 Visionaries Unite in Bahrain to Elevate Women’s Health

The inaugural Bahrain International Women’s Health Conference & Exhibition commenced on Saturday morning, organized by the Bahrain Obstetrics and Gynecology Association (BOGA) in the Bahrain Medical Society in collaboration with BDA Medical Events. Approximately 300 doctors, academics, and researchers in women’s health attended.

Dr. Hessa Al-Dosari, Head of the Health Institutions Regulation Department at the National Health Regulatory Authority, highlighted the significance of this first-time event in Bahrain, and emphasized its value as an opportunity for participants to share knowledge, learn from exemplary experiences, enhance communication and cooperation, stay updated on advancements in women’s medicine, and promote innovative therapeutic practices and solutions. These efforts aim to advance the field and ensure comprehensive, advanced healthcare for all.

During the inaugural speech, Dr. Al-Dosari underscored the paramount importance of women’s health, urging the medical community to prioritize it collectively. The conference was highlighted as an essential platform for specialists to explore contemporary medical and scientific breakthroughs, facilitating a deeper understanding of women’s healthcare needs, holistic care delivery, and the exploration of cutting-edge innovations, research, and technologies.

 Dr. Al-Dosari further emphasized the imperative of addressing challenges in maternal and fetal health, alongside gynecological diseases and cancers, stating: “We have full confidence that this high-level scientific forum, spanning two days and gathering senior specialists and decision-makers in the health sector, will provide an invaluable opportunity to stay abreast of the latest developments in women’s health. It will also shed light on national and international initiatives aimed at fortifying and bolstering the gynecology sector.”

Dr. Al-Dosari added: “The forum aims to establish a conducive environment for discussion, dialogue, and the exchange of experiences and best practices to navigate the various changes in the sector. This is particularly crucial given the remarkable development achieved by medical facilities, both within the Kingdom of Bahrain and in other countries, and the high level of medical expertise associated with these facilities. Such advancements will significantly contribute to enhancing the competitiveness of Bahrain’s health system, positioning it as a leading destination in medical research and innovation.”

Dr. Ahmed Shahda, CEO of BDA Medical Events, commented: “The conference serves as an optimal platform for discussing the latest advancements in women’s medicine. It emphasizes the importance of exchanging experiences and knowledge among participants, identifying best practices and innovations applicable in health facilities, and enhancing health services provided to women in Bahrain and the wider region. We also aim to promote medical specialties related to women, such as maternity medicine, pregnancy care, infertility, and gynecology through the conference’s role in facilitating knowledge exchange and enhancing health investment opportunities in Bahrain to ensure the sustainability of women’s health services.”

Dr. Shahda further underscored the global health challenges facing women’s health and the need for concerted international expertise to develop innovative methods of care, prevention, and treatment, and highlighted the conference program’s pioneering nature, featuring broad and multidisciplinary scientific content that would showcase innovative developments and technologies in gynecology. Furthermore, Dr. Shahda affirmed BDA’s commitment to advancing the health sector to enhance the quality of services provided to the community.

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