From Bahrain to Copenhagen: Export Bahrain hosts Bahrain’s Creative Business Cup 2024

Export Bahrain announced the hosting of Bahrain’s Creative Business Cup 2024 in collaboration with Bahrain Development Bank and The Collective Hub to support and empower Bahrain’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and showcase its creative potential on a global stage.

The competition will take place on April 17 at the Collective Hub, with a focus on promoting startups in sectors such as Creative Industries, Sustainable Development, and Social Impact.

The Creative Business Cup is an esteemed annual global competition that attracts participants from over 80 countries worldwide. It serves as a platform for creative and innovative startups to connect, compete, and gain exposure. With a history spanning 12 years, the competition has become a cornerstone in promoting entrepreneurship, innovation, and sustainable development.

The competition will include a panel of experts to assess and select 10 founders from Bahrain, who will proceed to compete in front of a jury on April 17. The selected startups will then pitch and present their innovative ideas and business models. The winner of Bahrain’s Creative Business Cup 2024 will earn the opportunity to represent the kingdom at the CBC Global Finals in Copenhagen in June.

“We are excited to host the National Creative Business Cup in Bahrain,” said Safa Akhaliq, CEO of Export Bahrain.

“This event presents a unique opportunity for Bahraini entrepreneurs to showcase their creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit and present it on a global scale. We believe that supporting local entrepreneurship is essential for driving economic growth and prosperity in Bahrain.”

Dalal Al Qais, CEO of Bahrain Development Bank, said, “We are proud to partner with Export Bahrain to further support Bahrain’s vibrant startup ecosystem.”

“Through initiatives like the National Creative Business Cup, we aim to nurture Bahrain’s creative talent, promote innovation, and empower startups to reach internationalization.”

Nawaf AlKoheji, CEO of Tenmou and The Collective Hub, emphasized the importance of supporting startup initiatives in Bahrain, stating, “Bahrain’s Creative Business Cup 2024 is a testament of our commitment to foster entrepreneurship as we contribute to the growth and diversification of Bahrain’s economy, making it an attractive destination for entrepreneurs and investors alike.”


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