BRCS Participates in Gulf Workshop Spotlighting Environmental Media’ Initiatives

The Bahrain Red Crescent Society took part in a Gulf workshop titled “Environmental Media – The Experience of the State of Kuwait” from April 23rd to April 24th, 2024, in Kuwait. This participation aimed to integrate environmental considerations into its relief and humanitarian efforts, both domestically and internationally.

 Dr. Nilofer Jahromi, Head of the Youth Committee and the Agricultural Environmental Team, and Mrs. Faiza Jaafar Al-Farsani, a member of the Public Relations and Membership Affairs Committee, represented the Society.

The workshop addressed several key topics, including the media’s role in raising awareness about environmental issues, best practices in environmental media, the development of environmental media programs and activities, and strategies to enhance collaboration among National Societies in the Gulf region in this crucial area.

Dr. Jahromi emphasized the significance of the workshop as a significant platform to glean insights into the latest advancements in environmental media and highlighted the opportunity to share her own expertise in the field while also stressing the importance of fostering cooperation and coordination among Gulf Red Crescent Societies in environmental endeavors.

Dr. Jahromi stated: “The Bahrain Red Crescent’s involvement in this workshop underscores its dedication to regional collaboration and the pursuit of inventive approaches to shared environmental obstacles. It firmly believes in the media’s pivotal role in fostering awareness about environmental concerns, instilling a culture of environmental preservation among diverse societal members, and amplifying endeavors to disseminate environmental consciousness within Bahrain and beyond. This commitment aims to advance sustainable development objectives and safeguard biodiversity and natural resources across the wider region.”

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