AGU President Stresses the Importance of Encouraging Researchers to Publish Prominent Studies

His Excellency Dr Saad bin Saud Al Fuhaid, President of the Arabian Gulf University (AGU), recently received researcher Dr Dania Naji Kabli, Head of the Psychological Care and Addiction Affairs Department at the Bahraini Ministry of Interior.

During the meeting, Dr Kabli presented him with a copy of a PhD thesis that she recently obtained from AGU. This thesis is the first of its kind on the GCC level, discussing the modification of criminal thinking and non-consensual behaviour in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Dr Al Fuhaid praised the researcher’s efforts in preparing this thesis, which is seen as an important addition to studies and research in the field of psychological studies. He expressed his pride in the contributions of GCC youth capabilities, who are considered a major partner in the Cooperation Council’s development.

Moreover, Dr Al Fuhaid stressed the importance of spreading psychological culture in various societal circles, building upon qualitative studies that explain criminal thinking and provide effective therapeutic solutions through counselling programmes.

On her part, Dr Kabli expressed her thanks and appreciation to the President of the University for his continuous support and encouragement to researchers in various specialisations. She explained that the results reached by the thesis demonstrate the efficiency of the counselling programme in improving the measure of criminal thinking and behaviour inconsistency.

Elaborating further, Dr Kabli highlighted the need for specialists to focus on treating criminal thinking styles among prisoners as a risk factor for returning to criminal behaviour after the end of the sentence. She emphasised the importance of activating the use of a list of criminal thinking patterns in various community institutions as an aid to predict crime and provide guidance programmes to reduce criminal behaviour.

Dr Kabli’s thesis is titled “The Effectiveness of a Counselling Programme in Modifying Criminal Thinking and Non-Compliant Behaviour Among High-Performing People with Alternative Sentences in The Kingdom of Bahrain”. It is the first therapeutic psychological study of its kind in Bahrain. The results were based on a sample of 40 individuals released under the alternative sentences programme, divided into experimental and control groups. The study utilised measures of non-consensual behaviour, criminal thinking, and a counselling programme based on cognitive behavioural theory.

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