AGU Inaugurates First Batch of its Innovative Developmental Diploma in Autism Spectrum Disorder

The Arabian Gulf University (AGU) recently inaugurated the first batch of students for its innovative developmental diploma in autism spectrum disorder. The programme, offered by the university’s Centre for Community Services, Consultancies, Training and Continuing Education (CSCTCE), in partnership with the College of Graduate Studies (CGS), aims to raise the level of performance and efficiency in terms of inputs, processes and outputs.

As many as 17 students from the Kingdom of Bahrain were accepted to the programme, which focuses on developing specialised skills and competencies in autism spectrum disorder. The diploma aims to equip students with knowledge, skills and competencies to design educational packages and provide training for people with autism spectrum disorder.

The programme focuses on developing cognitive competencies, including theoretical foundations and concepts in autism spectrum disorder, methods of identification and diagnosis. It also emphasises educational competencies, such as special teaching strategies and modern applications in education for students with autism spectrum disorder.

Furthermore, the innovative development diploma aims to raise competencies and qualify students to serve the educational sector concerned with caring for people with autism spectrum disorder in a professional manner that keeps pace with current digital and technological development.

AGU believes in its role in working to raise capabilities and improve skills in improving work and its quality in various aspects. In this context, the CSCTCE is keen to launch several professional programmes and specialised training workshops to meet the needs of various segments in the field of educational, medical and administrative specialisations.

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