WorkSmart Organizes “Women World Expo” in Al Khobar

WorkSmart Events Management is pleased to announce its strategic initiative to host the prestigious “Women World Expo” exhibition in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia, scheduled for March 14 to 16, 2024.

This occasion serves as a perfect destination for individuals with an interest in diverse fields such as technology and innovation, design, and arts. It is open to visitors from Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and various countries in the region, as they will have the chance to explore the latest technologies and innovations in these sectors, familiarize themselves with leading products and services, and present their innovative projects and ideas to an audience of interested and potential investors.

Moreover, the event will feature interactive workshops and enlightening lectures delivered by accomplished female entrepreneurs on a global scale. This provides visitors with an opportunity to acquire knowledge and professional development in their respective fields of work.

The exhibition attracts participants from diverse sectors focused on women’s interests and needs, presenting an excellent opportunity to boost trade exchanges and promote products and services for all involved entities. This fosters business growth and facilitates communication with customers and provides a platform for networking with accomplished female entrepreneurs, fostering valuable partnerships, exchanging experiences and knowledge, and establishing robust communication networks with a female audience. These connections aim to enhance growth opportunities for projects and extend their influence in the local, regional, and international markets.

Furthermore, Women World Expo serves as a comprehensive platform addressing women’s needs and concerns. It features a broad array of exhibitors representing key industries and sectors that contribute to improving women’s lives and well-being, which include health, beauty, fashion, jewelry, perfumes, and more.

Mr. Ahmed Al-Hujairy, CEO of WorkSmart, commented:

“Women World Expo aims to provide robust support to women entrepreneurs in emerging sectors, enhancing their prospects of success. It aspires to offer a comprehensive platform for all women to celebrate their diversity, strength, and impactful contributions across various productive sectors regionally and globally. The event seeks to inspire businesswomen at the early stages of their careers, with dedicated spaces showcasing quality local products with creative touches, reflecting the innovation and adaptability of women entrepreneurs to technological developments in the commercial landscape.”

Mr. Al-Hujairy highlighted that organizing this exhibition aligns with WorkSmart’s commitment to supporting and empowering women in the labor market and entrepreneurship. The initiative aims to boost investments in projects led by women, providing a global showcase for the creativity and innovations of women in diverse sectors. This underscores the company’s steadfast commitment to enhancing the commercial presence of women at both local, regional, and global levels, ensuring equal opportunities in the business arena and actively contributing to the activation and success of their ventures and projects.

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