Thanaa Jaberi’s Compelling Speech Steals the Spotlight at AMI’s 2024 Annual General Meeting

Thanaa Jaberi, the Founding Director of Manama Montessori Training Center (MMTC) in Bahrain, delivered an impactful speech at the AMI Annual Global Meeting 2024, centered around sustainability and the role of the Montessori approach in fostering sustainable projects.

Jaberi emphasized the transformative power of Montessori education in promoting unity, peace, and societal change. Since MMTC’s establishment in 2022, it has served as a catalyst for change, uniting individuals from diverse backgrounds to advance Montessori principles.

An essential aspect of Jaberi’s speech was the recognition of Bahrain’s government support, particularly in line with His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa’s vision to position Bahrain as a regional education hub. This support has enabled MMTC to achieve significant milestones, including securing government sponsorship for student scholarships, facilitating successful school openings by MMTC graduates, and expanding into international IB schools.

Jaberi also highlighted MMTC’s commitment to curriculum development, specifically the creation of an Arabic Montessori curriculum, demonstrating a dedication to cultural inclusivity and relevance in education.

The speech resonated with Dr. Maria Montessori’s vision of education as a vehicle for lasting peace and societal advancement. Jaberi stressed the interconnectedness of education with the empowerment of women, the elevation of motherhood, and the protection of future generations, underlining the profound impact education has on society.

In conclusion, Thanaa Jaberi’s presentation provided valuable insights into MMTC’s journey, achievements, and commitment to advancing Montessori education principles in Bahrain and beyond. It underscored the mutually beneficial relationship between educational initiatives, government support, and societal progress, highlighting the transformative potential of Montessori education in nurturing minds and sustaining futures.

The speech received significant acclaim from the audience, and Thanaa Jaberi was personally thanked by the Executive Director, Lynne Lawrence, for her contributions to advancing Montessori education in the region, particularly in Bahrain.

Additionally, the meeting gathered 400 participants from all over the globe – individuals interested in Montessori, including government representatives from around the world, school directors, trainers, educators, and more, reflecting the diversity and variety of attendees at this event.

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