Technology Disruption To Make or Break Company Survival

Emerging technology is causing at least two thirds of leaders to question if their organisation has the mettle to survive the next decade, according to Sharad Agarwal, the lead host of the upcoming Meta Shapers Web 3 & AI Summit.

Agrawal cited Summit speaker, Dubai-based Stephanie Bretonniere who recently suggested that 60% of CEOs sense the business they are leading today is unlikely to survive another 10 years if major changes to the way tech is used within the organisation is not made…’.

Bretonniere, founder & CEO of WEIMPACT.WORLD also stressed: Tech is not an option for sustainable transformation. It is a must-have.’

Meanwhile, Agarwal noted leading consultancy firms concur ** saying the time to re-write business strategy is now. He said it is especially important to understand the potential of Web3 and to get to grips with the usefulness of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Agarwal, the founder and CEO of Cyber Gear, a leading tech enabler since 1996, confirmed that the 30-strong Summit cast will place a specific spotlight on Artificial Intelligence, warts and all.

“AI is a powerful enabler to business and life. However, it must be properly understood, appropriately embraced, and strategically employed,” he suggested.

Agarwal’s co-host at the Summit, Susan Furness, agreed: “Artificial Intelligence is another helpful ‘intelligence’. But, like most of us, AI must be given a clear brief to produce useful, relevant results. When we are clear about the intention and the tools available, we tend to deliver well. AI also needs a clear brief to work well, across all end uses.”

Furness is one of the region’s established communications advisors and has been associated with Agarwal since the mid-90s adoption of the ‘read-only’ internet through to the decentralized Web3 which enables active user participation.

She said the speaker line-up is plucked from the centre of the conversation, noting all the presenters bring real experience, knowledge, thoughts, and concerns to the room.  

She promises a jargon-free dialogue, a big dose of reality, and at least 100 actionable takeaways.

“The Summit’s Meta Shapers will identify the pros, name the perceived cons, as well as offer a real sense of the unknown that seems to be keeping economists, strategists, and leaders busy,” Furness concluded.

Meta Shapers is a global community of emerging tech impact entrepreneurs and industry leaders who are shaping the narrative around the Web3 and the metaverse; early summit registrations are already beating expectations, suggesting an audience of more than 1,000.

The Meta Shapers Web3 & AI Summit is scheduled for October 4, 2023, hosted online from 5pm UAE (8am PT, 2pm GMT).

Registration is now open at no admission charge

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