Tamkeen Holds Second Annual Government Forum for 2024

The Labour Fund (Tamkeen) outlined its key strategic direction and economic contribution along with highlights of its main initiatives to other public entities at its second annual government forum. The event also served as a platform to explore avenues of collaboration with public sector partners to ensure successful implementation of the plan and its objectives.

Building on the success of the inaugural meeting, Tamkeen reaffirmed its commitment to continuous engagement with partners and stakeholders within the labor market, underscoring its dedication to enhancing ongoing collaboration with the various government entities to increase the impact of its support plans and programs.

Tamkeen Chief Executive, Her Excellency Ms. Maha Abdulhameed Mofeez emphasized the significance of such platforms in fostering partnerships among stakeholders within the Bahraini community. She acknowledged the government’s efforts in bolstering the national economy’s growth and development.

Her Excellency highlighted Tamkeen’s commitment to supporting the growth and development of Bahraini individuals and enterprises as part of its strategic priorities for this year and by offering programs that cater to the market needs and align with national priorities. This includes programs fall under the three main initiatives, announced in the previous year, which include supporting employment, career development for national talent, and enterprise growth, underscoring the importance of working with the private sector, Team Bahrain, and other key stakeholders to achieve these objectives.

The annual plan presented by Tamkeen was crafted through an extensive analysis of the labor market landscape, consultations with representatives of various sectors, and a review of successful global and regional practices. Tamkeen also focused on enhancing its internal operations by incorporating key performance indicators, leveraging data-driven insights to support decision making, improving the customer experience by adopting digital solutions that increase efficiency of operations, and encouraging innovation in its daily activities. This is complemented by Tamkeen’s ongoing efforts to involve key stakeholders from the private sectors in regular consultations to ensure providing optimal support that caters to the markets needs and addresses its challenges.

In addition, Tamkeen showcased the latest processes and procedures related to monitoring and governance of operations, which have been introduced to ensure the optimal utilization of the support and to reduce and prevent violations and misuse. 

During the event, Tamkeen shared its achievements over the last year, including results by its employment and training support programs for Bahraini nationals, as well as increased support for enterprises. The presentation highlighted the significant impact of Tamkeen’s initiatives, with over 12,300 Bahraini employees securing job opportunities, 10,700 Bahrainis benefiting from training support, and more than 5,100 enterprises receiving assistance.

This forum is aligned with Tamkeen’s strategic priorities which aim to elevate the economic participation of Bahrainis, create new employment channels, enhance career development opportunities through wage increments and upskilling, support the growth of the private sector to increase the employment of Bahrainis, and supporting the development of the labor market and private sector ecosystem. These efforts are in line with national strategies, the Economic Recovery Plan, and the National Labor Market Plan (2023-2026), reflecting Tamkeen’s unwavering commitment to Bahrain’s socio-economic advancement.

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