Study at AGU Sheds Light on the Impact of Digital Innovation on Business Continuity in the GCC Countries

Ms. Sarah Abdulrahman Al Bassam, a researcher at the Innovation and Technology Management Department at the Arabian Gulf University (AGU), studied the impact of digital innovation on business continuity by analysing the cybersecurity system in the government sector in the GCC countries using grounded theory.

The study, supervised by Prof. Fairouz Aldhmour, Information Systems Management Professor in the of Innovation and Technology Management Department, aimed to understand how digital innovation affects business continuity and the role of cybersecurity in the public sector in the GCC countries.

The researcher conducted interviews with 32 leaders and decision-makers in IT and digital infrastructure management, risk management, and information security management in prominent public sector organisations in Kuwait, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia.

Ms. Al Bassam noted that digital innovation is crucial in today’s world, as organizations increasingly rely on technology to enhance performance, efficiency, customer experience, and business continuity. She further explained that the interconnectedness of digital systems also exposes organisations to cybersecurity risks that were previously unheard of.

The study found that digital innovation has a positive impact on business continuity by improving operations, efficiency, and customer experience. However, she added that cyber risks pose a threat to business continuity, and cybersecurity plays a vital role in protecting digital innovation. Ms. Al Bassam a;so stressed the importance of proactive risk mitigation strategies to address the increasing pace of cybersecurity breaches and cybercrimes.

The researcher identified weak organisational factors, such as lack of senior management support, cybersecurity governance, specialised cybersecurity teams, and adherence to cybersecurity policies, as common reasons for the rise in cybercrime. Ms. Al Bassam highlighted the need for organisations to adopt a proactive approach to cybersecurity to effectively safeguard digital operations.

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