stc Bahrain spearheads connectivity by integrating next generation Wi-Fi 7 technology to enhance customer and business experience

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, stc Bahrain, a world-class digital enabler, proudly announces a revolutionary step forward with the integration of cutting-edge Wi-Fi 7 technology into its services. Wi-Fi 7, also known as IEEE 802be, Extremely High Throughput (EHT) is set to redefine connectivity in the 5G era, allowing stc Bahrain customers and businesses to benefit from this technology by ushering in an era of unparalleled connection speeds, and delivering 5.5G experience to set new speed records in the Kingdom.

As the demand for seamless connectivity continues to surge, stc Bahrain brings speed, reliability, and efficiency with its lightning-fast download and upload speeds, enhanced reliability, advanced security, and efficient network management by integrating Wi-Fi 7 technology. The technology is set to revolutionise Bahrain’s telecommunications landscape and enrich the communications experience for individuals, businesses, and industries with its unprecedented levels of connectivity.

Commenting on the integration, Eng. Ahmed Alsharif, stc Bahrain Chief Technology & Digital Officer said, “In today’s fast paced digital era, our commitment to providing the best connectivity services remains a top priority in line with our customers and businesses evolving demands. stc Bahrain is the first to launch Wi-Fi 7 technology in the Kingdom, empowering customers, and businesses with advanced, reliable, and secure communication solutions, further strengthening our position as a leading digital enabler in Bahrain.”

Moreover, stc Bahrain’s introduction of Wi-Fi 7 technology will empower industries such as Healthcare, Education, Retail and Manufacturing when it comes to indoor and outdoor wireless solutions in campus network settings.

stc Bahrain is committed to providing the next generation of mobile connectivity, ensuring customers are at the forefront of experiencing advanced communication services.

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