stc Bahrain leads the way in innovation with 5G-advanced RedCap Use Cases Demo in Bahrain

Underlining its position as a frontrunner in Bahrain’s telecommunications industry and setting new standards for communication infrastructure, stc Bahrain is proud to announce the successful demonstration of its pioneering RedCap use cases demo. As the first company in the Kingdom to showcase the commercial readiness of RedCap technology, this marks a significant milestone in the company’s 5G and 5G-Advanced strategy.

RedCap, short for Reduced Capability, is a groundbreaking technology that integrates seamlessly with 5G networks, enhancing reliability, efficiency, and scalability. By successfully demonstrating RedCap use cases on stc live network, this reaffirms stc Bahrain’s commitment to driving innovation and revolutionizing the telecom landscape in line with Bahrain government’s 2030 digital vision.

“We are excited to be the first operator in Bahrain to enable RedCap Network Readiness for Commercialization” said Eng. Ahmed Al-Sharif, CTDO of stc Bahrain. “We believe that RedCap’s application in our 5G and 5G-advanced strategy has a huge potential; with moderate speeds, low latency and adaptability to IoT such as wearables, AR/VR, CCTV, it will provide reliable and efficient solutions across various sectors, making a positive impact on businesses and communities.”

“Moreover, it will play a major role in the future of Energy efficient mobile communications and further digitize the development of Bahrain as a smart and connected society,” added Eng. Ahmed Al-Sharif.

The trial is also a major step forward for the development of RedCap in the region where stc Bahrain is demonstrating its commitment to innovation and leadership in the deployment of next-generation wireless technologies.

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