Rapid Response Crucial: Al-Awadhi Highlights Growing Cybersecurity Threats Monitored by NGN

Yaqoob Al Awadhi, CEO of NGN, a leading IT Systems Integrations and Managed Cyber Security Company in Bahrain, disclosed that the company’s experts are closely observing a notable upsurge in cyber-attacks targeting businesses and organizations across both the public and private sectors in Bahrain and the broader region.

Emphasizing the importance of undertaking “security vulnerability testing and penetration testing (VAPT),” Mr. Al Awadhi highlighted the need to pinpoint potential vulnerabilities in information systems. This proactive approach aims to mitigate cyber threats that could potentially lead to information and data breaches, financial extortion, and adverse impacts on any company or institution’s reputation, operations, productivity, and customer relations.

In a statement, Mr. Al Awadhi stressed the necessity of consistent testing to swiftly detect and address security gaps. He underscores the significance of regular code reviews as an integral aspect of software development, significantly bolstering an organization’s cybersecurity capabilities. By scrutinizing source code for potential vulnerabilities, companies can preemptively mitigate various security issues, including those leading to data breaches and theft of sensitive information.

Mr. Al Awadhi said: “Following the recent surge in cyberattacks in the Middle East, it is evident that organizations across various sectors and sizes face a substantial risk from cyber threats. Despite limited disclosure of attack specifics, the discernible impact serves as a compelling reminder of the immediate necessity to implement strong cybersecurity measures,”

On a related note, Mr. Al Awadhi emphasized that NGN, being a prominent provider of cybersecurity services and solutions, goes beyond merely comprehending these threats. The company is dedicated to equipping other businesses with the knowledge and tools essential for security protection. He underscored the significance of this commitment in safeguarding organizations from the severity of recent cyber incidents targeting various entities and major centers.

“These attacks emphasize the fundamental truth that no entity is impervious to cyber threats; hence, the importance of robust defense mechanisms is just as crucial as preventive measures,”

“Cybersecurity effectiveness extends beyond prevention to encompass early detection and swift, appropriate response to potential attacks. At NGN, our solutions feature advanced monitoring capabilities for cyber threats. By providing real-time information and warnings regarding network and application performance, we enable rapid identification and immediate response to any anomalies in processes or data that may signal a security breach.”

Mr. Al Awadhi explained that the company’s array of cybersecurity services is crafted to address the multifaceted and ever-evolving challenges confronting contemporary organizations. This encompassing suite includes real-time comprehensive monitoring, precise code reviews, and tailored solutions catering to the diverse needs of various institutions.

Leveraging the company’s extensive expertise in web application security, NGN actively contributes to the development of strategies to guard against a spectrum of cyber intrusions. Mr. Al-Awadhi affirmed the increasing significance of advanced cybersecurity protection in today’s interconnected and evolving cyber communication landscape. He expressed NGN’s unwavering commitment to maintain its pivotal role as the foremost cybersecurity partner for Bahraini institutions, delivering solutions and tools that empower organizations with the knowledge and services necessary to confront all forms of cyber threats.

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