NGN Training Center Partners with Canadian FMI to Launch Bahrain’s First AFM Certification with Full Support for Bahrainis

In its pursuit of fostering international fruitful partnerships and offering renewed programs, NGN Training Center has inked a significant agreement with the Canadian Financial Modeling Institute (FMI).

This partnership aims to introduce the International Advanced Financial Modeling (AFM) Certification, marking the inception of the first certification in the Kingdom of Bahrain that bears the esteemed accreditation of the renowned Financial Modelling Institute, ensuring the highest standards of excellence in the field of financial modeling.

Available to Bahrainis with 100% support, this initiative underscores the center’s commitment to empowering locals by providing access to cutting-edge educational opportunities. It aligns with national endeavors to furnish Bahrainis with the requisite skills demanded by the contemporary job market and the evolving economy.

(AFM) Certification is a globally recognized certificate in financial data analysis and financial modeling. The program provides individuals with essential skills in financial data modeling and equips them with the necessary expertise to build strong and high-quality financial models. The certification will be available to professionals and workers engaged in various sectors such as finance, accounting, investment, insurance, securities. Businessmen and entrepreneurs seeking to enhance their financial analysis proficiency can register too.

“We take immense pride in being the pioneering training center in Bahrain to establish a partnership with Canadian Financial Modeling Institute (FMI).” commented The CEO of NGN Training Center, Mr. Yaqoob Al Awadhi.

“We are committed to providing specialized certificates and programs that align with the dynamic demands of the labor market, thereby fostering the development of skills essential for Bahrainis and equipping them with the finest scientific and practical expertise.”

Mr. Al Awadhi added: “The launch of a professional training program in financial modeling corresponds with the current trends witnessed by many entities and institutions engaged in trade and investment. These establishments, offering advisory and financial services, acknowledge the vital role financial modeling plays in strategic decision-making processes. Financial modeling serves as a fundamental tool utilized in planning and executing strategic financial decisions, whether on an individual, entrepreneurial, or corporate level. It equips stakeholders with the ability to analyze financial and economic data accurately and effectively, leveraging advanced tools and techniques to anticipate financial trends and evaluate potential investments.”

NGN’s research showed that there is an increasing demand in the Bahraini market for professional cadres with experience in professional finance fields, with a significant increase in the number of organizations and institutions that will benefit from tools related to financial modeling, Mr. Al Awadhi explained. “The company has invested in preparing Bahraini youth to take advantage of this opportunity by providing them with advanced practical and theoretical training and an internationally accredited certificate. Mr. Al noted.

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