iGA announces the launch of new features on bahrain.bh

The Chief Executive of the Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA) Mohammed Al Qaed announced new features added to the National portal Bahrain.bh that will reinforce user experience of the portal.

This came in line with the directives of General Shaikh Rashid bin Abdullah Al Khalifa, Minister of Interior, Chairman of the Ministerial Committee for Information and Communication Technology (MCICT).

The new features include the Personalized Page (Personalization), which can be accessed by eKey login. Through this feature, a user may easily select his/ her eServices to be in his/ her “Favorite eServices List”. Within this page, a user may also update his/ her personal information, view the notifications received from various government entities through the “Government Notifications System” including reminders of government appointments, expiration of the official documents due for renewal and other important notifications.

As part of the enhancement, the user will also be able to view the history of his/ her transactions & receipts completed online during the past 6 months and benefit from various payment options including Apple Pay & BenefitPay. A new feature will also be added soon, which allows users to benefit from Unified Payment for all transactions.

Al Qaed also announced the enhanced “Ggovernment Services catalogue”, which consists of a comprehensive guide related to all government services information will be available, including its procedures, requirements, etc., with the ability to classify them according to the service provider or service category which may facilitate the Search process.

On the other hand, Al Qaed highlighted that Payment transactions have been simplified in bahrain.bh by adding the save payment method feature, which optionally and securely saves the preferred payment card to complete transactions easier and faster, in addition, ApplePay and Benefit Pay have been added to payment methods to be in-line with recent trends and user lifestyles.

The iGA CE also stressed on the enhancement made on the technical infrastructure of bahrain.bh, mainly on its capacity, responsiveness and compatibility with all screens, mobile phones and smart devices.

“In light of the expansion in the digital transformation scope of the wide range of eServices, iGA has always been keen to take user experience as a priority in utilizing e-Channels for the government services and mainly the National portal to complete all their transactions quickly, smoothly and securely”, he added.

The Chief Executive also highlighted that iGA is committed towards achieving excellence in government services provided to citizens and residents. He said: “iGA is always keen to adopt innovative initiatives, ideas and suggestions received by the public through the National Suggestions and Complaint System (Tawasul) and Tawasul App as well as the social media. iGA also will continue the next phases of the portal enhancement to be announced during the current year, ensuring meeting the aspirations of people and the best practices of the United Nations in the field of eGovernment”.

AlQaed expressed his thanks and gratitude to iGA partners Benefit company and Credimax for their cooperation in providing multi payment methods. Stressing on the important role of the private sector in the digital transformation journey in the kingdom. Additionally, he thanked all the working teams who have shown dedication in working on the National Portal project. He hoped that the new features would add great value to enhance user experience and improve their journey in bahrain.bh. Al Qaed reaffirmed that iGA will continue to obtain people feedback and satisfaction through the surveys and discussion groups to measure public opinion and take the necessary actions for improvement.


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