Ebrahim K. Kanoo Fuels Future Success: Sponsoring Two Bahraini Students at Leap 2024

During LEAP 2024, two Bahraini students, one from the University of Bahrain and the other from the American University of Bahrain, actively participated in a platform dedicated to student projects and activities organized by the Bahrain – Technology Companies Society (BTECH), the organizer of the Bahraini pavilion at the exhibition.

Their innovative technical projects in the field of cloud computing, artificial intelligence, mobile and web software development, and cybersecurity were showcased with the support of BTECH and sponsorship from Ebrahim K. Kanoo B.S.C. (c).

Bahaa Shamtoot, a software engineering student at the University of Bahrain, presented his project focused on enhancing customer experience and operational efficiency in car showrooms. He utilized Ionic and Angular programming to develop applications for smartphones. The project creates a comprehensive platform allowing customers to explore cars, assess their quality, and easily inquire about them. The ultimate goal is to revolutionize the traditional car-buying process by providing detailed information and customization options directly through the user’s mobile device, thereby improving interaction and satisfaction.

Hamad Al Jassmi, a computer engineering student at the American University of Bahrain, showcased his project on an application that reports the global crime rate using PowerB and artificial intelligence. This application serves both competent authorities and individuals. Al Jassmi emphasized that while security and safety are blessings in Arab Gulf countries, some other nations face high crime rates. The application aids individuals in making informed housing decisions, steering clear of high-crime areas until security measures are implemented. Additionally, the application supports competent authorities by contributing to the formulation of strategies to address crises and evaluating their effectiveness over time.

The projects showcased by the two students drew the attention of specialists and experts in technology, entrepreneurship, and technical innovation, as well as students, academics, and IT enthusiasts. Attendees at the exhibition expressed admiration for the capabilities of Bahraini youth, recognizing their innovative prowess and the ability to generate new ideas and projects that exemplify excellence, creativity, and efficiency in the modern technology sciences.

In addition to presenting their projects, the two students actively participated in various inspiring lectures on information and communication technology during the conference. These sessions provided a comprehensive overview of the latest developments in the IT field and demonstrated how technology could enhance operations across different sectors. The students also engaged in hackathon competitions and attended conferences organized by the Saudi pavilion and other pavilions, benefiting from advice offered by specialists and the public regarding their projects.

Mr. Tareq Fakhroo, Chairman of the Board of Directors of BTECH expressed gratitude to Ebrahim K. Kanoo B.S.C.(c) for its generous support and sponsorship of student participation in LEAP 2024. He highlighted the pivotal role of this sponsorship in enabling Bahraini students to showcase their technical projects and innovations on a global stage. This support aligns with the Kingdom of Bahrain’s vision to activate the energies of youth and focus on quality production as a significant contributor to development.

Mr. Fakhroo underscored that the sponsorship of Ebrahim K. Kanoo B.S.C.(c), reflects the company’s commitment to promoting innovation, creating a supportive environment for outstanding students, nurturing young talents in the technology field, and fulfilling its social responsibility towards individuals and youth. He expressed hope that these projects would contribute to positioning the Kingdom at the forefront of nations investing in the capabilities of youth and the innovative energies of the new generation of technology and entrepreneurial pioneers.

In appreciation of the support received, the two students expressed sincere thanks to BTECH and Ebrahim K. Kanoo B.S.C. (c) Company. They acknowledged the opportunities provided to participate in the global exhibition, present their projects to experts and decision-makers, explore avenues for promotion and marketing, and ultimately transform their projects into tangible products.

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