Registration opens for ‘Ambassadors of the Nation’ programme

Registration for this year’s ‘Ambassadors of the Nation’ programme will remain open until August 17, Bahrain Institute for Political Development (BIPD) has announced.

The programme, which will be held between August 20 and 24 and be devoted to students wishing to study abroad, is in line with the National Plan to Promote the Spirit of Belonging to the Nation and Reinforce the Values of Nationalism ‘Bahrainuna’.

The ‘Ambassadors of the Nation’ programme will focus mainly on the achievements of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa’s comprehensive development project in the development, political, economic, social and cultural fields, among others.

The programme seeks to educate overseas students about the most important topics related to the Kingdom, promote national  identity and the values of loyalty and belonging. It also aims to raise the participants’ awareness of the political, media, legal and human rights aspects, which contributes to confirming their role as representatives of the kingdom abroad. 

BIPD indicated that overseas students, particularly new graduates, wishing to join the programme, shall visit its website ( and fill in a form in which they choose the language of study (Arabic or English). 

BIPD said that this year’s edition will be presented by a group of Bahraini experts, and will cover five main topics, namely the diplomatic, social and human rights-legal fields, in addition to the political and media ones.

The Institute indicated that the programme has been updated to keep abreast of the rapid changes witnessed by Bahrain, adding that its ultimate goal is to prepare the participants to act as ambassadors of the kingdom while studying abroad.


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