DANAT’s Stellar Participation Shines at ‘Pearling Path Tales’

“Pearling Path Tales” saw the dynamic participation of The Bahrain Institute for Pearls and Gemstones (DANAT) in this two-day event organized by the Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities.

The event encompassed a series of exclusive tours and exhibitions at the Pearling Path site in Muharraq, delving into the narratives of the ancient pearling community in this iconic city, intricately connected to the shucking and trade of pearls across its rich history.

The institute took centre stage and showcased a mini laboratory for examining pearls, containing the most important devices used in the process which is an X-Ray for testing pearls.

DANAT curated a captivating display featuring natural Bahraini pearls and shells, showcasing the techniques used for shucking and testing natural Bahraini pearls, as well as showcasing the ancient tools employed by the divers during their diving expeditions.

The event also included hands-on oyster shucking activities, enhancing visitors’ experiences, and introducing the services offered by the DANAT laboratory in pearl testing. Additionally, the institute set up a dedicated photography space and a pearl exhibition inviting attendees to capture moments with rare Bahraini pearls necklaces that hold a prestigious reputation in the Arabian Gulf and the wider region.

Mrs. Noora Jamsheer, CEO of DANAT Institute commented, “This event holds significant importance in reviving Bahraini heritage associated with pearls. It serves as a crucial platform to highlight the shucking and trade of pearls, a longstanding tradition that has distinguished Bahrain for millennia, presenting the world with the most exquisite varieties of pearls.

Mrs. Jamsheer emphasized the Institute’s commitment to actively participating in events that resonate with its dedication and aspirations in advancing Bahrain’s standing as a historical and contemporary focal point for all facets related to pearls, and said:  “In embracing such events wholeheartedly, we are committed to our vision of positioning Bahrain as a preeminent and dynamic hub, seamlessly integrating historical significance with modern excellence in all aspects related to pearls.”

Mrs. Jamsheer added: “As the world’s leading laboratory in pearl testing, we are dedicated to promoting pearl culture around the world. We leverage our global recognition and expertise to advocate for pearls and share its rich history with local communities, fostering growth and integration of the pearl industry in Bahrain. By upholding the highest standards, scientific knowledge, and professional ethics, DANAT safeguards Bahrain’s cultural heritage and promotes trust in the nation’s natural pearl trade.”

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