DANAT Takes Center Stage at AUBH Career Fair, Inspiring Future Talent

The Bahrain Institute for Pearls and Gemstones (DANAT) actively participated in the Career Fair organized by the American University of Bahrain, joining numerous companies and institutions from both the public and private sectors. Setting up its own booth for the event, DANAT provided students with a unique opportunity to engage with institute team members.

During the event, DANAT’s dedicated team introduced students to the institute’s various job opportunities and vocational training programs. Emphasizing the importance of active participation, they encouraged students to take part in DANAT’s diverse events, which include courses, workshops, and programs related to the pearl industry.

In emphasizing the importance of pearls for the Kingdom of Bahrain, DANAT’s experts delivered compelling presentations that underscored the diverse career paths within the industry. Emphasizing DANAT’s global recognition as a specialized center for examining pearls and gemstones, the institute’s commitment to fostering new talents and inspiring young individuals to enter the labor market within the pearl industry remains unwavering.

This dedication is reflected in DANAT’s ongoing efforts to provide comprehensive educational and training opportunities, aligning with the institute’s overarching goal of enhancing the quality and competitiveness of pearls and gemstones in Bahrain.

“Participating in the Career Fair event hosted by the American University, DANAT reaffirms our deep interest and confidence in the next generation of Bahraini youth,” stated Mrs. Noora Jamsheer, the CEO of the Pearl and Gemstone Institute “DANAT.” “We are eager to engage with young individuals, introducing them to the diverse fields of work in pearls, while emphasizing the cultural and historical significance of natural pearls for our Kingdom, reflecting Bahrain’s rich ancient heritage.”

Mrs. Jamsheer highlighted the importance of investing in the energy of young people as a pivotal component of the national plan for the revival of Bahrain’s pearl sector. The goal is to solidify the Kingdom’s position as a global leader in the extraction, trade, and examination of natural pearls. She emphasized DANAT’s commitment to realizing its ambitious objectives, which include developing young national talents and attaining excellence and creativity in the field of pearls and gemstones in Bahrain.

Mrs. Jamsheer emphasized DANAT’s commitment to achieving prosperity and progress for the pearl and gemstones sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain. She highlighted that DANAT’s vision extends to refining the knowledge and expertise of young individuals in this field, aiming to equip them to actively contribute to the national development process.

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