BETA launches roadshow in Shanghai and Guangzhou

The Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority (BETA) launched a promotional roadshow in Shanghai and Guangzhou, China, involving prominent travel, tourism, aviation, and hotel sectors. 

The promotional roadshow aim to promote Bahrain as a prominent tourist destination in regional and global markets, enhancing the sector’s contribution to the gross domestic product in line with the Kingdom of Bahrain’s tourism strategy for 2022-2026.

Dr Naser Qaedi, the Chief Executive Officer of BETA, said the roadshow aims to promote tourist destinations, attract East Asian tourists, and support the growth of the tourism sector.

It will highlight Bahrain’s status and competitiveness as an ideal tourist destination with advanced facilities and services that meet modern life requirements. 

The also seeks to build partnerships and conclude cooperation agreements. 

The roadshow revealed a growing interest from Chinese tourism entities to explore Bahraini tourism opportunities and products, indicating a positive image of Bahraini tourism among Chinese tourism sector leaders, Qaedi said. 

This opens the way for the private sector to offer more programmes and attract new tourists to enjoy the kingdom’s nature, diverse activities, and ancient cultural heritage, he added. 

BETA collaborated with the private sector to create distinctive tourism products that contribute to boosting the economy and increasing the number of visitors to the kingdom. 

The kingdom is aiming to increase foreign investment, double the number of tourists, develop the tourism and travel sector, and highlight its components on Gulf, regional, and global levels; based on the positive indicators achieved in the current year, Qaedi said. 

The Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority hosted two roadshow events in Shanghai and Guangzhou, inviting Chinese travel agencies to showcase the kingdom’s tourism offers and packages, as well as Bahraini tourism products.

Bahraini destination management companies and hotels met with Chinese travel agents and tour operators to discuss joint tourism packages and specialised programmes to attract Chinese tourists and encourage their extended stay in the kingdom.

The roadshows aimed to showcase Bahrain as a unique tourist destination, combining cultural heritage and urban development. It highlighted the country’s world-class luxury hotels, attractions, and archaeological sites. 

The Exhibition World Bahrain won the best a new event and conference center award for 2023. The centre hosts numerous events, exhibitions, and cultural activities, making it an ideal destination for Chinese tourists seeking unique experiences. 

Travel and tourism offices and organisers signed agreements to serve both countries in this sector.


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