and IU Join Forces: Revolutionizing Education and Empowering Job Seekers, the number one job site in the Middle East, and IU International University of Applied Sciences (IU), Germany’s largest university, are delighted to announce their latest partnership. This collaboration is set to enrich the professional and educational landscape for’s extensive database of more than 50 million job seekers.

“This partnership with IU represents a significant milestone for us,” said Ola Haddad, a spokesperson for “We are excited to invite our users to IU’s world-class educational programs. This is not just about expanding opportunities; it’s about facilitating personal and professional growth, fostering cross-cultural understanding, and ultimately, contributing to the collective development of our users.”

IU’s decision to partner with underscores the significance of connecting education with the job market. It is also a testament of’s more than 2 decades of expertise in online recruitment field  and its value statement of empowering individuals globally with tools and information to build their lifestyles of choice. 

“Collaborating with enables us to reach a dynamic and ambitious audience that values continuous learning,”Our goal is to provide educational pathways that support career advancement and future skills. This partnership embodies our commitment to global education and to our mission that everyone can access education” mentioned Quentin Missud, Head of Marketing Cooperations at IU International University of Applied Sciences.

“Education is a powerful tool for bridging cultures and expanding perspectives,” added Ola Haddad. “Through this partnership, we are not just facilitating academic growth but also nurturing a deeper understanding and appreciation of global cultures.”

This collaboration marks another step towards integrating education and employment, fostering a well-rounded approach to career development and cultural understanding. and IU are excited to embark on this journey together, paving the way for a future where education and employment go hand in hand.

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