Bahraini Lumofy Expands Footprint in Saudi Arabia

Lumofy, a leading provider of talent management solutions, is thrilled to announce that Dar Wa Emaar, one of the premier real estate companies in Saudi Arabia, has joined Lumofy’s growing customer base. Dar Wa Emaar has chosen Lumofy’s innovative HR technology solutions to enhance its workforce capabilities, driving efficiency and growth by optimizing talent management processes.

Lumofy contributes to empowering Dar Wa Emaar employees by providing multiple services aimed at developing their skills and enhancing performance. This is achieved through offering necessary guidance in selecting the right upskilling programs tailored to each job role’s requirements and measuring the quality of competencies required using a variety of scientifically-backed talent assessments, including analyses of personality traits, managerial skills, and leadership abilities. This enables employees to access specially designed skills-based development pathways to meet their needs.

Furthermore, Lumofy’s platform assists Dar Wa Emaar employees achieve their career goals through a specific and strategic approach by integrating various mechanisms, such as live sessions, quizzes, and gamified activities, to make the experience interactive and enjoyable. Additionally, Lumofy offers expert guidance and assistance that enable employees to develop personalized professional growth plans, enhance skills, boost productivity, and foster better alignment between their objectives and the organization’s goals. Moreover, Lumofy’s platform enables the transformation of traditional onboarding programs into an interactive digital experience, facilitating the integration of new employees and enhancing their adaptation to the work environment.

Mr. Ahmed Faraj, Founder and CEO of Lumofy, stated, “Our dedication lies in empowering individuals and organizations through the latest technology to support talent management strategies, enabling their employees to perform their roles with a high level of proficiency and effectiveness. Our collaboration with Dar Wa Emaar aims to transform their team’s skill development and reinforce their readiness for future opportunities. We believe nurturing talent is the cornerstone of overcoming challenges and achieving lasting success.”

Additionally, Mr. Amer Al-Kalibi, Organizational Development Specialist at Dar Wa Emaar, said: “We firmly believe in the importance of developing talents and enhancing the capabilities of our employees at Dar Wa Emaar. We have always aimed to find a reliable partner that provides us with Talent enablement solutions that meet our diverse needs. We look forward to Lumofy’s solutions enabling us to discover the exceptional talents within the company.”

Dar Wa Emaar stands out as a premier player in the Saudi market, having initiated its investment and real estate development journey from the Eastern Gate of KSA. Renowned for its extensive real estate projects in northern Riyadh, aligning with Saudi Vision 2030, Dar Wa Emaar has established sustainable residential communities offering high-quality and integrated services to meet citizens’ needs, attracting investors and residents alike.

Lumofy is well-known for its exceptional contributions to human resource development, having earned client trust through a record of achievements and success stories in record time. Lumofy offers an end-to-end talent management experience, starting from building a unique competency framework based on the organization’s specific objectives and analyzing employee skills gaps, then creating personalized skill-based development pathways to ensure targeted and impactful growth.

Lumofy’s platform represents a significant advancement in Dar Wa Emaar’s efforts to enhance its employees’ skills and capabilities. It has earned the trust of various clients in Saudi Arabia, including Modern Building Company (MBL), IFAS, and Sayad Holding Company. Recently, Lumofy collaborated with Al Khuzama Company to support talent development strategies through a series of steps analyzing and improving employees’ skill sets. Lumofy starts by examining job roles to understand the organization’s unique needs. Based on this analysis, Lumofy creates a detailed competency framework covering behavioral, digital, technical, and core competencies. Employees then undergo customized assessments tailored to their specific needs. Finally, a personalized development pathway is curated carefully to bridge any skill gaps and ensure continuous growth.

Lumofy aims to provide continuous innovations and sustainable solutions to revolutionize the skills-first ecosystem, especially in the Middle East. It offers multiple tools and features in one platform to simplify navigating the evolving skills landscape for talent management and development.

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