Bahrain Network (BNET) Successfully Conducts an Emergency Simulation Exercise

Bahrain Network (BNET), the national company responsible for providing fiber-based broadband network in the Kingdom of Bahrain, announced the successful completion of an emergency simulation exercise. The primary objective of the exercise was to ensure the resilience and continuity of the network operations and assess the organization’s preparedness and response capabilities.

The simulation exercise replicated an emergency scenario, resulting in the identification of both successful outcomes and areas that require improvement. This comes as part of the company’s commitment to enhancing the availability and resilience of its broadband services, which is in line with its vision “A prosperous community where everyone is connected” as well as the Kingdom’s endeavors to build a solid communications infrastructure that supports local economic growth.

Regarding this occasion, Shaikh Ebrahim bin Mohamed Al Khalifa, Chief Operating Officer of BNET, expressed: “We recently witnessed the successful completion of our emergency simulation exercise, which enabled us to identify areas of improvement and development to ensure our preparedness in handling any potential business disruptions. Our ongoing commitment to launching exercises and tests reflects our tireless efforts to enhance the efficiency of our network and offer elevated services that aim to develop the experience of both individual and enterprise customers.”

Ms. Eman Hafedh, Head of Risk Management and Business Continuity at BNET, remarked, “We are pleased with the successful completion of the emergency simulation exercise. It demonstrated the prompt and effective responses by our employees and partners, emphasizing our commitment to strengthening the resilience of our network across the Kingdom. By conducting this exercise, we aimed to gauge our team’s emergency response capabilities, cultivate awareness in handling major incidents, and ultimately provide our customers with a reliable connectivity.”

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