Bahrain Food Festival wraps up with a 35% Surge

The Bahrain Food Festival’s eighth edition, held from February 8 to 27, witnessed a remarkable turnout, drawing in more than 227,000 attendees over twenty days. 

This marked a substantial 35% surge compared to the previous year’s 168,000 visitors, solidifying its status as the largest edition to date. The statistics, released by the Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority, showcased the festival’s growing popularity.

Sarah Buhijji, CEO of Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority, noted that the success of this year’s event can be seen in the substantial turnout of visitors to the festival this year.

“We commend Team Bahrain’s relentless efforts in organising such a groundbreaking event. This overwhelming response has led us to extend the festival for an additional three days, allowing everyone interested to partake in its distinguished events,” Buhijji said.

“This extension aimed to guarantee a diverse range of accompanying events, offering visitors from both inside and outside Bahrain an exceptional experience in hospitality and entertainment, and to immerse themselves in an enjoyable family atmosphere at Marassi Al Bahrain.” 

Buhijji said that the annual progression of Bahrain’s Food Festival is a sign of the sector’s advancement and prosperity.

“This success is made possible through the support and sponsorship of Bahraini entrepreneurs; their contributions align with the constant commitment to bolster tourism collaboration with the private sector and to elevate the role of the hospitality and restaurant sectors in the development of tourism, which come in line with the tourism strategy 2022-2026 objectives to diversify tourism products and attract a more extensive array of tourists from around the world,” Buhijji added.

The CEO said that this joint venture is expected to benefit the national economy, further strengthening the kingdom’s position as a regional and international tourist destination.

Bahrain Food Festival 2024 attracted a large number of visitors and tourists from the GCC countries and around the world, where the festival provided them with an exceptional tasting experience at Marassi Al Bahrain, with the participation of 121 hospitality establishments, restaurants, cafes, and Bahraini productive families.

Visitors had access to enjoy a full programme of shows and entertainment events targeting all ages and nationalities, with performances that extended throughout the festival and varied between artistic and musical performances, acts by folk arts groups, roving artistic groups, and various live cooking shows presented by a group of senior chefs from Bahrain on a cooking platform specially designed for them to present their new and innovative recipes.

As part of the festival’s attractions, a cooking challenge was hosted, involving 16 participants in 14 rounds before a panel of 3 judges consisting of professional chefs and food bloggers. Additionally, multiple events were integrated into the agenda, featuring a dedicated activity for the families of martyrs. Visitors were allowed to explore a multitude of Gulf, Arab, and international flavors and traditional Bahraini cuisine through numerous stalls and food trucks scattered across Marassi Al Bahrain.


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