SIU work statistics during the first third of 2024 released

The Special Investigation Unit (SIU) had received 18 complaints in which allegations varied between torture and mistreatment by members of the Public Security Forces, Mohammed Khaled Al Hazaa, Acting Attorney General and Head stated.  

In a statement on the tasks and procedures undertaken by the SIU over the first four months of the year 2024, Al Hazza added that the unit has initiated the necessary procedures in all these complaints, emphasising its role in upholding human rights principles.

He added that during that period, the unit interviewed 18 complainants and witnesses, while it interrogated five accused and suspected Public Security Forces personnel. It referred 13 complainants to the Forensic Medicine and Psychological Support Division, in accordance with the requirements of investigating this type of complaint.

The acting general attorney said that the unit completed its investigations regarding the complaint reported by two individuals who had been subjected to mistreatment and concluded its investigation by referring two members of the Public Security Forces to the Military Courts Administration at the Ministry of Interior to impose the appropriate disciplinary penalty on them.

He also said that disciplinary sanctions were issued against two members of the Public Security Forces in two cases that the unit had previously ordered to be referred to the Military Courts Department of the Ministry of Interior to impose the disciplinary sanction.


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