NBR holds VAT invoice compliance workshop

The National Bureau for Revenue (NBR) held a workshop on VAT invoice compliance, which aimed to raise awareness of all VAT related aspects and the necessary procedures for issuing VAT invoices.

The workshop was dedicated to assisting businesses in achieving maximum effectiveness in all VAT related aspects, including invoice compliance. With the participation of 159 VAT payers, the workshop dedicated several parts to explaining the required information to be included in both simplified and detailed VAT invoices, as well as the proper methods for record-keeping, in addition, the workshop concluded with a question-and-answer session between participants and NBR representatives, to respond to all inquiries regarding the topic.

The NBR will continue organizing workshops, and those interested may pre-register by filling out the workshop registration form through the NBR’s website at (www.nbr.gov.bh), where NBR representatives will communicate with the registrants and share relevant details regarding the upcoming workshops.

For inquiries related to VAT or to report any violations, the NBR call center can be reached on 80008001, available 24/7, or by email through [email protected], in addition to the available information available on NBR’s website (www.nbr.gov.bh).


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