Khaleeji Bank extends the Duration of its Promotional Campaign via its Stand at Bahrain City Centre

In response to the positive reception received from clients, Khaleeji Bank, one of the leading Islamic Banks in the Kingdom of Bahrain, has extended its promotional campaign at Bahrain City Centre until 11th May 2024. This campaign includes attractive prizes for “Al Waffer” Account holders and exclusive offers on credit cards.

Khaleeji’s stand aims to showcase the exceptional banking solutions and products offered to its clients, with a focus on the “Al Waffer” Account and the recently-announced special offers for the bank’s credit cards. The stand witnessed a remarkable turnout from the mall’s visitors, as it gives them the opportunity to win cash prizes of up to BD 1,000 by opening a new account or increasing savings in the “Al Waffer” Account, in addition to introducing them to the many benefits they will receive when transferring their credit card balance to Khaleeji, including a Grace Period of 6 months, Cashback of up to 3%, cash withdrawals of up to 35% of their card limit, and more.

Moreover, the campaign provides clients with access to an exclusive portfolio of value-added offers and services, including personalised financial advisory services from the bank’s staff and other bespoke advantages that meet their ambitions.

It is worth noting that the Khaleeji’s stand at Bahrain City Centre is available every day during the mall’s working hours.

Khaleeji is a leading Islamic Bank that strives to achieve clients’ ambitions through an Islamic Banking model that offers a comprehensive range of high quality Shari’a-complaint banking services and investment opportunities to individuals and companies.

Visit Khaleeji’s official website and connect with the bank on its social media accounts to stay updated on the latest news and offers. Khaleeji can be found on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and X. Terms and conditions apply.

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