Khaleeji Bank achieves Prestigious ISO 22301:2019 Certification for Exemplary Business Continuity Management

Khaleeji Bank, one of the leading Islamic banks in the Kingdom of Bahrain, has announced that it recently obtained the prestigious “ISO 22301:2019” certification for Business Continuity Management (BCM) from the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), after undergoing audit procedures and successfully passing them after meeting all standard requirements.

The “ISO 22301:2019” certificate is an internationally recognised standard for demonstrating excellence in BCM. Khaleeji Bank has been awarded this certificate as part of its commitment to adopting the highest international standards to ensure business continuity, as well as continuously striving to implement best practices that enhance its readiness to handle potential risks and maintain sustainable operations. This is particularly important in delivering banking services, such as Shari’a-compliant financing for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), as well as retail and corporate banking services.

This certification further demonstrates Khaleeji Bank’s dedication to implementing a resilient framework that guarantees seamless operations in the face of any unforeseen disruptions or crises. It underscores the bank’s unwavering commitment to operational reliability, risk management, and delivering exceptional customer service. Additionally, it guarantees the accessibility and reliability of its Shari’a-compliant banking services, even in the most unpredictable circumstances.

On this occasion, Mr. Abdulkarim Mohamed Al Zakari, Chief Risk Officer at Khaleeji Bank, commented “We are delighted to announce that Khaleeji Bank has successfully obtained the ‘ISO 22301:2019’ certification for Business Continuity Management. This milestone affirms our unwavering dedication to delivering top-notch financing solutions to SMEs in accordance with Islamic Shari’a principles, as well as retail and corporate banking services. It serves as a testament to our steadfast commitment to offering uninterrupted financial solutions to our valued clients, while upholding the utmost benchmarks of operational agility and customer service.”

Mr. Al Zakari added: “Khaleeji Bank demonstrates its commitment to innovation and a client-centric approach through its successful acquisition of this certification. This achievement enhances the bank’s standing as a leading establishment in the Islamic Banking industry, while emphasising its dedication to meeting the diverse and ever-changing requirements of its esteemed clientele. Additionally, this certification signifies the bank’s preparation to flexibly address unforeseen circumstances, ensuring uninterrupted business operations and safeguarding the best interests of its clients.”

Khaleeji is a leading Islamic bank that strives to achieve clients’ ambitions through an Islamic Banking model that offers a comprehensive range of high quality Shari’a-complaint banking services and investment opportunities to individuals and companies.

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