HM King’s historic Egypt visit to strengthen bilateral relations and serve Arab interests

Several Egyptian politicians have affirmed that His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa’s visit to Egypt, and talks with HE President Abdel Fattah El Sisi will lead to great political gains in the coming period.

In statements to the “Al Youm Al Sabea” website, the “Tahya Misr” website, the “Sada El-Balad” news website, the “Al-Dustour” newspaper and the “El Watan” newspaper, they asserted that the two countries’ deep-rooted relations have flourished over the past years, noting that the growing regional challenges require unifying stances to serve the national security of Bahrain and Egypt and that of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and the Arab Nation, as a whole.

In this regard, Counselor Hussein Abu Al-Atta, Head of the Egyptian Party and member of the Executive Office of the Egyptian Party Coalition, affirmed that the Bahraini-Egyptian relations are unique, as reflected in the constant keenness of HM the King and President EL Sisi to strengthen them, which serves the two countries’ interests and those of the GCC and the Arab Nation.

He added that HM the King’s official visit to Egypt reflects the ongoing fruitful cooperation between the two countries, especially in the political, economic and trade fields, as well as their security and military coordination, in addition to joint anti-terror efforts.

He added that the intensive visits of Arab leaders to Egypt recently reflect their sincere desire to unify Arab ranks and preserve the Arab peoples’ gains.

Dr. Reda Farhat, Vice-President of the Conference Party, emphasised that HM King Hamad’s historic visit to Egypt had provided a great opportunity to strengthen bilateral relations and unify Arab stances, confirming the two countries’ commitment to broadening their cooperation in various fields aimed at confronting regional challenges.

He added that the two leaders had discussed the latest regional developments, especially ways to consolidate peace and stability across the Middle East, noting that Bahrain and Egypt reiterated their firm support for the Palestinian people, citing their call to reach a lasting solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by embarking on a serious political process based on the two-state solution, leading to the establishment of an intenationally-recognised UN full Member Palestinian State on the June 4, 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital.

Dr. Hassan Hagras, member of the Supreme Committee of the Democratic Generation Party, indicated that HM the King’s visit was an important step to push the two countries’ relations and partnership forward, amid the unprecedented regional tensions that have created security, political and economic challenges for the region’s countries.

He added that the royal Egypt visit confirms the depth of the strategic bilateral relations and fruitful cooperation across various fields.

MP Tarek Radwan, Chairmanof the Foreign Affairs Committee at the Egyptian House of Representatives, praised the fruitful outcomes of the talks held between HM King Hamad and President El Sisi, noting that the high-level talks aimed to reaffirm support for the Palestinian cause and spare the region the risks of expanding the conflict.

He said that talks between the two leaders had focused on the ongoing efforts of Bahrain, Egypt and the joint Arab endeavours to put an end to the current situation by mobilising international efforts to establish ceasefire immediately in Gaza, stop forced displacement, starvation, and collective punishment attempts of the Palestinians, as well as ensure unimpeded delivery of humanitarian aid.

Nouran Awadain, researcher at the Egyptian Centre for Strategic Studies, indicated that His Majesty’s visit reflected the two countries’ similar stances, visions and strategic goals. 

In a statement to Egypt’s Extra News TV channel, she affirmed that the Bahraini-Egyptian ties are exemplary at the Arab level, thanks to the unwavering keenness of HM the King and President El Sisi to constantly develop them.

She added that the distinguished relations between the two countries contributed to enhancing joint Arab action.

Dr. Tariq Fahmy, Professor of Political Science, stressed that the royal visit confirms the strength of bilateral relations, praising HM the King’s commendation of Egypt’s role in the region.

Ambassador Rakha Ahmed Hassan, former Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs, praised talks between HM King Hamad and President El Sisi, adding that the visit aimed to discuss the current regional developments and the need to prevent the expansion of the conflict.

Nagy Abdel-Fattah Al-Shehabi, Democratic Generation Party Chairman, pointed out that HM the King’s visit and meeting with President El Sisi testify to the robust strategic fraternal relations between the two countries.

He added that His Majesty’s visit is the first of its kind to Egypt after President El Sisi’s re-election for a new term, noting that lhe ongoing escalation in the region requires more coordination.

The “Al Youm Al Sabea” newspaper posted a study conducted by the Egyptian Centre for Strategic Studies on the strategic coordination between the two countries. The study highlighted the multiple positive aspects of the historic royal visit, as it confirmed the depth of bilateral relations, Egypt’s interest in strengthening its ties with GCC and Arab countries, as well as the two countries’ keenness to end the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip and contain the escalation resulting from it.


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