FLOOSS Led the Way in Bahrain National Day Celebration with First Installment Interest-Free Offer!

FLOOSS licensed by CBB as a Financing company, the first of its kind innovative loan APP in Bahrain, made headlines this Bahrain National Day with an exclusive customer reward offer. For the first time ever, borrowers were given revealed a celebratory three-day FLOOSS promotion, giving the initial loan installment entirely interest-free.

This innovative move highlighted FLOOSS’s commitment to providing customers with more than just financial assistance, a celebration of financial freedom. The offer, during with Bahrain National Day festivities, was a reflection of FLOOSS’s dedication to meeting the evolving needs of its users in the Kingdom.

Why was this Offer a Game-Changer?

Celebrating National Day meant more to FLOOSS than most, they always put their customers first. This National Day FLOOSS wanted to further support the community in a celebration of financial freedom. The APP offered an interest-free first installment for the National Day period.

“At FLOOSS, we believe in redefining the lending experience. This Bahrain National Day, our offer reflects our commitment to providing more than just loans – a pathway to your financial freedom,” said CEO, Fawaz Ghazal

Celebrate Financial Freedom with FLOOSS, download the APP on iOS or Android, or visit the website www.flooss.com for more information.

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