Export Bahrain supports Bahraini jewelers at Hong Kong International Jewelry Show 2024

Export Bahrain supported the participation of 6 Bahraini businesses from the Jewelry sector in the highly esteemed 40th edition of the Hong Kong International Jewelry Show 2024.

The Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTC) facilitated this collaboration and showcased Export Bahrain’s commitment to empowering national businesses and propelling them towards global recognition.

 The event, held at the renowned Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, showcased the talents of over 4,000 exhibitors from more than 40 countries, making it an ideal platform for Bahraini businesses to make their mark on the international stage.

 Export Bahrain aims to equip local jewelers with valuable insights into the latest industry trends and developments through participation in such prestigious exhibitions, so they can expand their reach and compete effectively in global markets.

 Export Bahrain managed to facilitate more than 500 business engagements with an average of 15 B2B meetings per day at the prestigious Hong Kong International Jewelry Show in 2024. These interactions resulted in valuable connections with businesses spanning from across the globe including Hong Kong, India, China, Thailand, Singapore, the UAE, the United Kingdom, and Italy. 

The event featured a significant opportunity for Bahraini jewelry enterprises to expand their reach as 50% of the participants began their entrepreneurial journey in Hong Kong.

Under the leadership of Abdullah bin Adel Fakhro, Minister of Industry and Commerce and Chairman of Export Bahrain, Bahrain’s participation in this significant international exhibition is recognised as a pivotal investment in the jewelry sector. It provides a remarkable growth opportunity for participating businesses, allowing them to leverage their presence on a global scale and establish invaluable connections with international audiences.

This strategic cooperation with HKTC contributes to Bahrain’s private jewelry sector and encourages aspiring Bahraini entrepreneurs to take a step towards developing their ideas and projects.

Safa Sharif Abdulkhaliq, Chief Executive Officer at Export Bahrain, highlighted the profound impact of Export Bahrain’s unwavering commitment to identifying international opportunities for Bahraini businesses.

“This commitment has significantly enhanced the visibility, competitiveness, and ultimately the sales of participating businesses, aligning with Export Bahrain’s strategic objectives,” Export Bahrain CEO said.

“The jewelry sector stands as one of the most prominent commercial activities in the Kingdom, serving as a key pillar of the national economy. Export Bahrain is resolutely focused on strengthening the presence of pivotal sectors like jewelry, both locally and globally. Such endeavors align with the kingdom’s economic vision as it strives to foster innovation, elevate its standing in the global arena, and seize opportunities for expansion in regional and international markets,” she added.

Ali Hasan Rabeea, owner and General Manager of Al Huda Jewelry said, affirmed Export Bahrain’s pivotal role in facilitating their participation on a platform at one of the largest exhibitions that provides fruitful opportunities to engage in elite groups of specialists and interested parties.

“This enabled us to connect with potential buyers from diverse sectors and global markets, thereby expanding our international trade network. We eagerly anticipate future collaboration opportunities with Export Bahrain,” he added.

The strategic partnership signifies the initiation of a supportive ecosystem for SMEs within Bahrain and contributes to Bahrain’s economic growth.


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