EWA President inaugurates new customer service centre in Muharraq

President of the Electricity and Water Authority (EWA), Kamal bin Ahmed Mohammed, inaugurated a new customer service centre in Seef Mall, Muharraq.

The president noted that EWA aims to develop its customer services, by improving communication with its customers.

He highlighted EWA’s plans to diversify its customer service channels, to facilitate delivery of services to all its customers. This includes electronic services and virtual branches, which allows customers to easily complete their transactions.

EWA also provides a home visit service for senior citizens and people with disabilities, as part of its commitment to offer inclusive services to all customers.

Mohammed said that EWA provides essential services to all citizens and residents in Bahrain and is keen to provide multiple channels in to facilitate its services to all customers.

He added that the new customer service branch coincides with EWA’s development plan, which aims to improve the quality of its services.

EWA offers five customer communication channels, including customer service centres, e-services, hotline, virtual appointments, and home visits to serve senior citizens and people with disabilities.


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