Empowering Bahraini Talents: NGN Teams Up with Top Canadian Institute to Boost Financial and Trading Expertise

NGN Training and Development Center has unveiled plans to offer targeted training programs designed to bolster the skills of Bahraini professionals in finance, accounting, investment, insurance, and securities.

The center aims to cater not only to individuals in specialized fields but also to entrepreneurs and businessmen across various sectors. This initiative will be facilitated through the provision of an internationally recognized Advanced Financial Modeling (AFM) certificate, delivered in collaboration with the prestigious Canadian Financial Modeling Institute (FMI).

“We are proud to announce our pioneering collaboration with the Canadian Financial Modeling Institute (FMI), making us the premier training center in Bahrain to offer an international professional certificate in advanced financial modeling. This marks a significant milestone as we extend our unwavering support to Bahraini individuals, ensuring 100% support for their professional development.” Mr. Yaqoob Al Awadhi, CEO of NGN Training and Development Center commented.

Mr. Al Awadhi emphasized that the AFM certification encompasses a dynamic professional training curriculum in financial modeling, tailored to align with contemporary trends observed across various entities and institutions engaged in trade and investment. This program equips participants with advanced tools and techniques essential for accurately predicting financial trends and conducting thorough evaluations of potential investments.

Mr. Al Awadhi underscored NGN’s meticulous research, revealing a discernible uptick in demand within the Bahraini market for seasoned professionals in finance-related domains, and affirmed that there is a notable surge in the number of organizations and institutions actively seeking proficiency in financial modeling tools.

In response, NGN has made strategic investments aimed at empowering Bahraini youth, equipping them with rigorous theoretical and practical training, coupled with prestigious international accreditations. This concerted effort positions them to excel and capitalize on emerging opportunities with utmost professionalism and expertise.

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