BCCI and Industry Ministry joint economic committee holds its 42nd meeting

The Joint Economic Committee between the Ministry of Industry and Commerce and the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) held its 42nd meeting.

  The meeting was chaired by Abdullah bin Adel Fakhro, Minister of Industry and Commerce, and Sameer Nass, BCCI Chairman.  The meeting discussed the Green Factory Seal, developments of the Integrated Industrial Partnership Meetings hosted by the Kingdom of Bahrain, and a visual presentation on the Implementation Lab project.  They also reviewed ways to promote Bahrain’s industrial and commercial sectors and achieve sustainable growth, in addition to recommendations that will enhance the business environment, attract investments, and promote trade.  Fakhro emphasised BCCI’s role, noting that the meetings of the joint economic committee come from the ministry’s adopted approach to cooperation, coordination, and consultation with the chamber on all common topics. He affirmed his support for all initiatives that contribute to developing the economic sector in Bahrain, with constant coordination with the chamber as a representative of the sector. The BCCI Chairman said that the best way to enhance development paths and contribute to the national economy is through concerted efforts between the public and private sectors. He highlighted that the Chamber’s Board of Directors and its permanent committees are keen to cooperate with various ministries and government bodies dealing with economic affairs to achieve interdependence and integration to achieve the desired objectives of comprehensive economic development.  He underscored the ministry’s efforts to improve its system and update initiatives according to the latest global economic standards by serving the commercial street.


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