Bahrain and Saudi Arabia sign MoU in road safety and maintenance

Ibrahim bin Hassan Al Hawaj, Minister of Works, and Saleh bin Nasser Al Jasser, Minister of Transport and Logistics of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on road safety and maintenance.

The MoU aims to enhance expertise exchange and cooperation between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, focusing on joint efforts in infrastructure development, road safety, and maintenance to advance progress, development, and integration.

Al Hawaj highlighted the strong relations between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, emphasising the keenness to enhancing cooperation, particularly in infrastructure development.

Al Hawaj noted that the cooperation between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia will involve exchanging expertise on road safety, modern assessment technologies, survey systems, scientific and technical information, and facilitating visits of engineers, experts, and technicians specialised in roads and other infrastructure specialities.


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