Apparel Group’s R&B Unveils Festive Collection Across 109 Stores in GCC

In a bold move that is set to redefine festive fashion, Apparel Group’s esteemed homegrown brand, R&B, announces the launch of its exclusive Festive Collection, now available across an impressive 109 stores throughout the GCC. This collection marks a pivotal moment in the fashion industry, blending traditional elegance, modesty, and cutting-edge contemporary style in an offering designed for women, men, and children alike.

The R&B Festive Collection is a celebration of the holy month of Ramadan, embodying the spirit and values of the season through meticulously curated fashion that caters to the entire family. Women will be captivated by the collection’s sophisticated, modest designs, featuring elegant flowing silhouettes and intricate detailing that celebrate the season’s beauty. Men’s fashion takes a leap forward with textured shirts that marry comfort and style, ensuring an impeccable look for every festive occasion. Meanwhile, the children’s line offers adorable, personality-expressing designs that are both charming and stylish.

This collection stands as a testament to R&B’s innovation in fashion, offering a treasure trove of versatile styles that ensure customers are perfectly attired for every festive moment. From stunning accessories to stylish footwear, the Festive Collection offers the ideal finishing touches to any outfit, underscoring R&B’s commitment to providing comprehensive fashion solutions.

Reflecting on the collection’s launch, Neeraj Teckchandani, CEO of Apparel Group, stated, “With the R&B Festive Collection, we’re not just celebrating the season; we’re looking towards the future of fashion. Our aim is to consistently cater to our customers’ evolving needs across all our brands, offering them not just attire but a complete fashion experience that respects tradition while embracing modernity. This collection is a step forward in our journey to meet and exceed those expectations, ensuring that every customer finds something that resonates with their personal style and the spirit of the festive season.”

R&B invites everyone to explore the Festive Collection, available now in stores and online at This launch reaffirms R&B’s position as a leader in the fashion industry, offering unparalleled style, quality, and value to the discerning consumer.

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