Al Liwan wins prestigious ‘Design and Development’ award at 2023 Middle East Shopping Centre and Retailer Awards

Al Liwan won the prestigious ‘Design and Development’ category at the 2023 Middle East Shopping Centre and Retailer Awards. The announcement was made at the 2023 Retail Congress Gala event held at the Samaya Ballroom, Ritz-Carlton Hotel DIFC in Dubai.

The recognition comes against the backdrop of strong competition from across the Middle East, emphasizing the mall’s distinctive standing among mixed-use developments in the MENA region.

This achievement recognizes Al Liwan’s integration with residential developments, which aims to enhance community living in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The development’s innovative designs, showcased through a central plaza and pedestrian-friendly promenades, create an immersive and inviting atmosphere for visitors. Al Liwan’s commitment to sustainability is also highlighted through features such as shading, natural ventilation, and water elements, which contribute to an eco-friendly environment.

Seef Properties Chief Executive Officer, Ahmed Yusuf said: “Al Liwan aims to create a space that goes beyond the traditional retail experience, embodying innovation through lifestyle integration and connectivity. This achievement highlights the property’s unique positioning among mixed-use developments in the Kingdom, as well as its dedication to excellence and sustainability.”

Situated in Bahrain’s Hamala neighborhood, Al Liwan is surrounded by residential developments, schools, and other community facilities. It is also adjacent to transport links to the rest of Bahrain, acting as a focal point for shopping, meeting, and relaxing. Stretching along Al Liwan are retail shops, restaurants, cafes, and the largest indoor family entertainment center in Bahrain.

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