AGU President Inaugurates Library Open Day, Highlights its Significant Role in the Academic Community 

His Excellency Dr Saad bin Saud Al Fuhaid, President of the Arabian Gulf University (AGU), inaugurated the Library Open Day, organised by the AGU Library to promote the its strategy, introduce its resources, and scientific and research services.

The activity aims to encourage students, researchers, academic professors, and all interested individuals to effectively utilise the library, thereby strengthening its role as an information and knowledge service facility that supports the university’s teaching, research, and innovation efforts. It also highlights the library’s efforts to keep pace with digital developments and continuously improve its services.

On this occasion, Dr Al Fuhaid expressed his admiration for the Library Open Day programme, emphasising the university’s commitment to providing students and researchers with the latest scientific references in their fields, in a way that reflects the university’s mission to be a scientific beacon benefiting the Arab Gulf community and supporting research and innovation to address common Gulf issues.

During his opening speech, Dr Al Fuhaid highlighted the important role of the library in the academic community, providing knowledge sources to serve various specialties and adapting to recent developments in library and information services.

On his part, Dr Khaled Habchi, Library General Supervisor, explained that the Library Open Day allows interaction with students, academic staff, and other users to raise awareness about the library’s role, services, and efforts in developing office services in the digital environment.

The event included the launch of the library’s new electronic portal, introduction of university’s electronic resources and the library information services, exploration of the Saudi digital library’s resources, and a book exhibition with intellectual games. Representatives from global databases Amboss, Clarivate, and Proquest participated in the event to introduce their scientific products.

The exhibition featured panels introducing the digital library and available resources, a book sale with discounted books, and interactive sections with scientific and intellectual competitions. New books in the library and electronic information such as e-books, periodicals, and scientific journals were also showcased.

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