Zayani Leasing Debuts the Exceptional Hyundai IONIQ 5

Continuing to make strides in environmental responsibility, Zayani Leasing is pleased to announce the introduction of the globally acclaimed electric vehicle (EV) Hyundai IONIQ 5 to the selection of models it offers. This makes for a notable addition to eco-friendly transportation options in the Kingdom.

Winner of the 2022 World Car Awards, the IONIQ 5 is the flagship model behind Hyundai’s signature EV line. The midsize SUV comes with a striking exterior, exceptional performance and a focus on sustainability, reflected in its green materials and nature-inspired colours. Advanced technology abounds in the IONIQ 5, ranging from the latest in-car connectivity to active safety features.

For reliable and high-efficiency charging, the IONIQ 5 is offered along with 22 KW EV chargers by Autel, another leading name in clean energy and global pioneer of sustainable development. Zayani Leasing is the authorised distributer of Autel in the Kingdom, demonstrating its keenness to lead sustainability efforts in line with the Bahrain Economic Vision 2030.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr Rizwan Tariq, General Manager of Zayani Leasing, said, “We are honoured to introduce the IONIQ 5 to our versatile fleet of vehicles available for leasing. With its unique design and technology, this EV is a pioneer of clean transportation. Meanwhile, Autel EV charger is perfectly suited to a residential and commercial application and guarantees efficient charging on the go.

“As a competitive regional distributor, Zayani Leasing is eager to adapt to the needs of the present by providing new products and services that accelerate the transition from fuel powered vehicles to electric ones, trailblazing the path towards a sustainable future.”

For his part, Mr Ahsan Chishty, General Manager of Hyundai Bahrain, expressed his excitement on the announcement, saying, “We take great pride in introducing the new Hyundai EV IONIQ 5 to Bahrain, a recipient of three prestigious World Car Awards. This cutting-edge Hyundai electric vehicle truly embodies innovation and eco-friendly design, aligning perfectly with our sustainability commitment and appealing to environmentally conscious consumers in the Kingdom.”

Zayani Leasing emerged as one of the top leasing companies in the Kingdom since its establishment in 1999 as a subsidiary of Alzayani Investments, with matchless competitive rates, attractive packages and an extensive portfolio of satisfied clients that include individuals, corporates, government bodies and other private institutions.

For more information, visit Zayani Leasing in Nuwaidrat besides King Hamad Highway. Get in touch by visiting or call +973 1770 2333. Follow Zayani Leasing Bahrain on Facebook and @Zayanileasingbh on Instagram for the latest news and updates.

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