We are Keen to highlight Bahrain’s pioneering role in the field of children’s rights: Al-Zayani

The “Smile” initiative, a Bahrain Future Society for Youth initiative that provides psychosocial support to children with cancer and their parents in the Kingdom of Bahrain, played a significant role in the recent World Children’s Day event organized by the National Committee for Childhood at City Center Bahrain Mall. As a committee member, “Smile” established a dedicated awareness platform within the event space, showcasing the various programs and activities it undertakes to support children with cancer throughout the year.

The initiative received recognition from His Excellency Mr. Osama bin Ahmed Khalaf Al-Asfoor, Minister of Social Development, who honored the Future Society for Youth, represented by its chairman, Mr. Sabah Al-Zayani, for the active and fruitful participation of the “Smile” initiative in this significant event.

Mr. Al-Zayani stated that this participation aims to underscore Bahrain’s prominent role in safeguarding the rights of all children, with a particular emphasis on those battling cancer. These children receive comprehensive health, psychological, and social care through government-provided treatment services. He highlighted the voluntary efforts of “Smile” as a civil organization, delivering crucial psychological and social support, and also emphasized the vital role played by private sector institutions in bolstering these initiatives through donations and various activities.

Expressing gratitude to His Excellency the Minister of Social Development, Chairman of the National Committee for Childhood, committee members, and event organizers, Mr. Al-Zayani said, “For over 12 years, the Smile Initiative has collaborated seamlessly with government entities, particularly the Ministry of Health and government hospitals, as well as the Ministry of Social Development. With the unwavering support of the private sector, our joint efforts continue to evolve, offering a testament to Bahrain’s commitment to children’s rights in areas such as health, education, family stability, and beyond.”

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