Visit Bahrain Takes Center Stage at Moscow’s ‘Unique Travel Fair’

“Visit Bahrain”, a leading destination management company in the Kingdom of Bahrain, actively participated in the “Unique Travel Fair” held in Moscow, Russia. The primary objective of this participation was to introduce Russian tourists to Bahrain’s exceptional tourism offerings, enticing them to explore the Kingdom.

 Additionally, the company aimed to elevate the profile of Bahrain’s tourism products on both regional and global stages, showcasing the rich potential that Bahrain holds as a travel destination. These efforts are part of the company’s ongoing commitment to bolster Bahrain’s position on the international tourism map, positioning it as a top-tier destination.

Throughout the exhibition, the company showcased its diverse range of tourist packages, including meticulously organized trips and tours spanning Bahrain’s various regions and iconic landmarks. These packages encompassed comprehensive services such as transportation, accommodation, customized tourism itineraries, destination planning, recreational activities, cultural performances, and concerts.

 To further engage with visitors, the company distributed informational flyers, providing insights into Bahrain’s cultural richness and inviting attendees to embark on a journey to experience unique moments while enjoying the warm hospitality and high-quality tourist facilities that Bahrain has to offer.

During the exhibition, the company’s Russian office representative enthusiastically presented Bahrain’s luxurious tourism destinations. They emphasized Bahrain’s exceptional appeal to tourists from across the globe, highlighting the opportunity for visitors to engage with the Kingdom’s abundant tourism offerings in real-time, tailored to their interests. Furthermore, the representative emphasized the presence of top-tier services, modern amenities, and high-end facilities within Bahrain’s renowned hotels, spas, and theme parks.

Mr. Ali Amralla, the CEO of “Visit Bahrain,” underlined the significance of the Russian market in driving tourism in Bahrain. He stressed the company’s strong commitment to expanding its visitor base from the Russian market, thereby solidifying Bahrain’s status as a premier destination in the travel and tourism sectors on both regional and global fronts. He pointed out that the company’s participation in this event served to showcase a selection of Bahrain’s foremost tourist attractions, emphasizing their diverse nature, blending cultural heritage with contemporary allure.

Mr. Amralla further elaborated that participating in the “Unique Travel Fair” exhibition provided the company with a platform to promote its tourism offers, showcase its range of tourist packages, and highlight the attractions within Bahrain’s vibrant tourism sector. This direct engagement with the Russian tourism market aligns with the company’s strategic vision, reinforcing its commitment to bolster the sector’s positive contributions to Bahrain’s GDP, in harmony with the Kingdom’s Economic Vision 2030.

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