Visit Bahrain Secures Agreement at WTM London: Welcomes 7,000 Czech Tourists in 2024

Visit Bahrain, a leading destination management company based in the Kingdom of Bahrain, announced proudly a groundbreaking agreement with the Czech Republic’s largest tourism company. This strategic partnership is set to bring 7,000 Czech tourists to Bahrain in 2024, organized into successive tourist groups throughout the year.

The agreement was officially inked by the company’s CEO, Mr. Ali Amralla, during the 43rd World Travel Market 2023 in London. This prestigious event gathered authorities, ministries, and top-tier companies in the global tourism sector.

Mr. Amralla, in a statement during the agreement signing, emphasized the commitment and readiness of the “Visit Bahrain” team to curate an integrated tourism program for the 7,000 Czech tourists, ensuring a distinctive and memorable experience in Bahrain. Services will encompass comprehensive tourist information, guidance, accommodation, transportation, tours, recreational activities, as well as highlighting top-notch restaurant and shopping destinations – all aimed at delivering an exceptional and unforgettable tourist experience in Bahrain.

This agreement is a testament to the company’s ongoing commitment to engage with travel agents and representatives of tourist offices in European markets. The goal is to underscore Bahrain’s significance as a prominent and favored tourist destination in the Middle East. The company actively encourages these agents to explore the abundant accommodation and entertainment opportunities in Bahrain. Emphasizing the array of experiences, products, and distinctive tourism packages it offers, the company seeks to captivate the interest of visitors and tourists, and to establish strong bridges of communication and cooperation with partners from diverse countries.

Mr. Amralla highlighted that, as part of the implementation of this agreement, “Visit Bahrain” team will conduct a series of meetings with representatives from the Czech Republic’s tourism sector and relevant authorities. These meetings will involve engaging with hotel managers, tour operators, and event organizers to acquaint them with Bahrain’s rich historical sites and tourist destinations. The team aims to showcase the diverse and enriching aspects of Bahrain’s tourism scene, including the latest projects designed to provide an exceptional integrated tourism experience catering to various interests and age groups.

Additionally, Mr. Amralla underscored that the attraction of seven thousand tourists from the Czech Republic aligns with the company’s broader efforts to penetrate more tourism markets globally. This initiative is part of the new 2024 strategy, which includes expanding the company’s presence in the European continent. The plan involves establishing offices in key locations, such as Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, and Romania.

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