Visit Bahrain Expands Horizons with Mumbai Office to Welcome Indian Tourists!

Visit Bahrain, a prominent destination management company headquartered in the Kingdom of Bahrain, has officially announced the inauguration of a new representative office in Mumbai City in India.

The primary objective behind this expansion is to attract more tourists from India, foster stronger ties with key stakeholders in the Indian tourism, hospitality, and travel sectors, and offer promotional services and logistical support to “Visit Bahrain.” The overarching goal is to broaden the company’s operational footprint in the Republic of India, heighten awareness of tourist destinations, and particularly empower Bahraini women in this burgeoning tourist destination.

This announcement was made during the participation of “Visit Bahrain” in the 43rd edition of the World Travel Market held in London, where the CEO of the company, Mr. Ali Amralla, formalized a collaboration agreement with one of the leading Indian companies specializing in promotional services within the tourism sector.

Mr. Amralla stated, “For a considerable period now, we have observed the escalating significance of India as a pivotal source market for tourists. This trend has gained momentum, particularly since India has emerged as the most populous country globally, surpassing China. Furthermore, there has been a consistent rise in income levels across substantial segments of the population. Notably, the influx of tourists from the Republic of India has experienced significant growth in diverse sectors such as adventure tourism, experiential tourism, business trips, holidays, as well as conference and exhibition tourism.”

“This development has motivated us to include India within the ambit of our tourism focus. The successful agreement signing and our efforts to draw more Indian tourists to Bahrain represent a significant stride, not only for our company but also for the overall tourism sector in Bahrain, and we are committed to showcasing the immense potential of the Bahraini tourism sector on a broad scale. Moreover, we aim to actively contribute to defining the Bahraini tourism product and positioning it as a noteworthy tourist destination within the Republic of India.”

Mr. Amralla reiterated the company’s unwavering dedication to bolstering collaboration with diverse local and international partners. This commitment involves advancing its promotional endeavors and reaching a broader audience by establishing foreign tourism representative offices. Such initiatives form a crucial aspect of its expansion strategy, geared towards fortifying its presence in both regional and international travel markets.

With the inauguration of this new representative office, “Visit Bahrain” is extending its reach towards the east, having already established a robust presence in the West. The company has achieved notable success in augmenting its network of representative offices across the European continent, encompassing key locations such as Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Romania.

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