Visit Bahrain: European Campaign Targets 40,000 Tourists, Envisages $60 Million Splurge in 2024!

Visit Bahrain, a leading destination management company based in the Kingdom of Bahrain, has revealed its 2024 strategy. This strategy involves expanding its presence in the European continent by establishing ten new offices across various countries, namely the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and Poland.

The company has announced its ambitious goal of attracting approximately 40,000 new tourists to Bahrain from these ten European nations within the next year. It has developed comprehensive tourism programs tailored to the needs of these tourist groups. These programs encompass a six-day average stay for each visitor, with an estimated expenditure of approximately $1,500 per person. This expenditure covers accommodation, transportation, and entertainment programs, resulting in a projected total spending of $60 million.

Mr. Ali Amralla, the CEO of Visit Bahrain, stated that this ambitious strategy was meticulously crafted following a series of extensive meetings conducted by the company’s team recently with its representative offices in the ten countries renowned for being major sources of European tourists. He emphasized that the figures and amounts outlined in the strategy are grounded in accurate and pragmatic calculations, drawing from the company’s prior experiences and successes in attracting foreign tourists in recent years.

“We have achieved success in broadening our network of collaborations with travel agencies, airlines, and international tourism offices to boost the influx of tourists to the Kingdom. This expansion has not only provided more travel choices for those interested in visiting Bahrain but has also leveraged technology to streamline the travel process. We are eager to build on this achievement in the upcoming year by intensifying our growth efforts. Our focus will be on enhancing the productivity of our international tourism offices, and we plan to establish new offices to further bolster our presence in key regions.” 

Mr. Amralla emphasized that “Visit Bahrain,” the entity managing hotels and resorts such as Grove in Amwaj Islands, is dedicated to optimizing occupancy rates in these establishments. Simultaneously, It is actively collaborating with other tourist facilities across the Kingdom of Bahrain to promote widespread benefits and invigorate the entire tourism sector.

Mr. Amralla further highlighted that the introduction of the company’s new strategic plan aligns seamlessly with the future vision for tourism in Bahrain. It is fully in harmony with the goals outlined in the Kingdom of Bahrain’s tourism strategy for 2022-2026, emphasizing the drive to enhance international tourism. He noted that the company’s vision is geared towards creating a unique and memorable tourism experience catering to diverse travel preferences. This vision is deeply rooted in the company’s mission, which focuses on the growth and sustainability of the tourism sector, aiming to establish Bahrain as the preferred destination for various categories of tourists.

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