Visit Bahrain Draws Record-Breaking 7,000 Tourists from Slovakia

Visit Bahrain, the leading Bahraini destination management company, has sealed a remarkable agreement with Slovakia’s largest tourism company. This groundbreaking partnership is set to unleash the wanderlust of 7,000 eager travelers from the enchanting Central European country, as they embark on an extraordinary voyage to Bahrain.

Anticipation is building as the first wave of tourists is scheduled to touch down at Bahrain Airport on the sixth of October. From that moment forward, a steady stream of flights will make their way to the island nation on a weekly basis, ensuring that the agreed-upon 7,000 tourists will experience the captivating allure of Bahrain throughout the entire year.

“Visit Bahrain” hosted a special reception to commemorate this momentous occasion at the Slovak capital, Pertislava. The event was graced by an array of European and international travel agents, representatives of tourism offices, event companies, seasoned tourism and hospitality professionals, as well as esteemed media personnel.

“We, at “Visit Bahrain”, are thrilled to announce our triumphant entry into the Slovak tourism market, a significant achievement that fills us with immense pride. We eagerly anticipate welcoming our first group of esteemed Slovak tourists this coming October,” said Mr. Ali Amralla, CEO of “Visit Bahrain,”. He further emphasized that this remarkable success is the culmination of extensive endeavors undertaken by Visit Bahrain’s dedicated team in both Bahrain and Europe. Their tireless efforts were focused on showcasing the unique allure of Bahrain as a premier tourist destination in the Middle East, while also highlighting the abundant accommodation and entertainment opportunities that await visitors. 

  “We are fully equipped to deliver exceptional tourism services to Slovak visitors, guaranteeing a remarkable experience during their stay in Bahrain. Our dedicated team strives to provide comprehensive assistance, ensuring all their tourism needs are met. From accommodation and transportation to guided tours, recreational activities, dining establishments, and shopping destinations, we leave no stone unturned to make their time in Bahrain unforgettable. Our utmost priority is to create beautiful memories and wonderful experiences for Slovak visitors, with the hope that they will eagerly return to their home country with cherished memories.”

Mr. Amralla has actively engaged in a series of meetings with key stakeholders in the tourism industry, including hotel facility managers, travel and tourism agents, and Slovak tour and event operators. The purpose of these meetings was to apprise them of the latest destinations and new projects in Bahrain, which offer an exceptional integrated tourism experience catering to diverse interests and age groups.

Emphasizing the recent launch of numerous distinguished tourism and development projects in the Kingdom of Bahrain, encompassing tourist attractions, heritage sites, and environmental destinations, Mr. Amralla highlighted their potential to significantly enhance the experience of tourists and visitors from the Slovak Republic. Furthermore, he emphasized that these initiatives would not only benefit the tourism sector but also provide support to various vital industries in the Kingdom, ultimately elevating Bahrain’s position on the global tourism map and stimulating the opening of new international tourism markets.

Mr. Amralla highlighted the remarkable achievements of Visit Bahrain Group in the European tourism markets, underscoring the unwavering commitment to tourism development in Bahrain and the exploration of new market opportunities. These achievements demonstrate the group’s dedication to realizing strategic plans that contribute to the holistic growth of the tourism sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain, aligning with the ambitious goals set forth in Bahrain’s Tourism Strategy 2022-2026.

In a recent initiative, “Visit Bahrain” organized a series of promotional meetings across seven prominent European cities. These included Vienna, the capital of Austria, Zurich, the largest city in Switzerland, as well as Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, and Cologne in Germany. The meetings were conducted in collaboration with leading regional and international travel and tourism offices operating within the European continent.

The group’s track record boasts successful experiences in attracting European tourists to Bahrain, with ongoing programs such as the current endeavor aiming to attract 4,500 German tourists to Bahrain throughout the year 2023. These endeavors serve as a testament to “Visit Bahrain” Group’s proficiency in capturing the interest of European travelers and fostering their exploration of the Kingdom’s unique offerings.

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