Unlocking Innovation: NGN Training Center Hosts Google DevFest 2023 Manama!

NGN Training Center has officially unveiled its plans to host “DevFest 2023 Manama,” organized by Google Developers Group – Manama (GDG Manama) in collaboration with Google Developer Experts (GDE) and Kerne Youth Group, on the 2nd of December. The distinguished event will take place at NGN headquarters in the Bahrain World Trade Tower. Catering to professionals, students, software developers, entrepreneurs, and technology enthusiasts, this occasion presents a premier opportunity for networking, knowledge sharing, and in-depth discussions on the industry’s latest advancements and experiences.

The event will feature a comprehensive program, including a series of lectures and workshops focusing on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the software and application development toolkit provided by Google. This encompasses technologies like Flutter, Angular, the Google Cloud computing platform, and other contemporary web development tools.

 Participants will have the opportunity to delve into the latest innovations and pioneering projects introduced by Google in these domains. The sessions will also explore practical applications of these technologies across various industries, highlighting how they can be effectively employed to benefit companies and enhance efficiency and productivity in the workplace.

Participants will also have the unique opportunity to engage in discussions and interactions with Google experts and invited speakers. These sessions will facilitate dialogue, allowing participants to pose questions, seek advice, and gain guidance from experts in the development and technology field. Moreover, they will gain insights into the latest trends in technology and emerging developments in application and web development.

In emphasizing the significance of the event, Mrs. Zainab Assiri, Director of the NGN Training Center, highlighted that this event will offer valuable opportunities for participants to derive benefits from the workshops and discussion sessions. This platform will enable them to expand their knowledge, skills, and capabilities in software development and related fields. The overarching goal is to foster the development of skills among Bahraini youth, inspiring them towards technical entrepreneurship, thereby contributing to the advancement of the ICT sector and positioning it as a key driver of growth in alignment with the Kingdom of Bahrain’s Vision 2030.

Mrs. Asiri reiterated NGN’s steadfast commitment to endorsing initiatives that afford Bahraini youth authentic opportunities to gain insights into successful projects and experiences within the global information technology arena. The goal is to furnish them with the requisite tools to augment their capabilities, positioning them as optimal choices for discerning business owners. She emphasized NGN’s unwavering dedication to furnishing all indispensable resources and support necessary for the success of this event, and to sustain collaboration with all partners, aiming to continually propel the energies of youth in the technology sector towards further advancement.

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