Tuberculosis is a contagious disease. Tuberculosis is an infectious disease caused by the Mycobacterium bacillus.It particularly affect the lungs and can affect other organs as well.Tuberculosis is found in organs other than the lungs, such as glands, bones, skin, joints, intestines, etc.This disease can also affect the age group. This disease can occur in any season. This disease is less common in women than in men.

In country Nepal many people are suffering from tuberculosis due to proverty.Many people have died prematurely due to lack of timely treatment.For this reason,the government of Nepal has distributed free medicines to the patient for the diagnosis of tuberculosis.All types of tests related to tuberculosis have been arranged.The patients has also been provided with necessary service facilities.In order to control this disease,the government has administered BCG vaccination free of charge within one year after birth.Government has run Tuberculosis related ( DOTS-Direct Observation Treatment Short Course). Government has run various programs related to tuberculosis in all villages and cities.Because of this, this disease has been controlled in Nepal.

Mode of transmission this disease

This disease can be spread from one person to another by coughing and sneezing from infected dust.

This disease can be transmitted when the clothes of an infected person are used by a healthy person.

This disease can be transmitted through breathing with an infected person.

The disease can be transmitted through close face -to- face contact with a sick person.

The disease can be spread by eating lice from an infected person.

The disease can be spread when a healthy person uses utensils used by an infected person.

I was also infected with this disease, which is to talk about tuberculosis.Five years ago I was stricken with tuberculosis.This is the true story of my life.Now I am going to present the experience of having tuberculosis in detail.I belong to a very poor family.There was very little food in my house.There was a low intake of nutritious food.

There was a lack of health education in family.Due to the large family and proverty,not everyone had access to health care.

I got a common cold.Did not take cold medicine.

Coughing continuously for two months.

It seemed as if the phlegm was congealed in the lungs.

It was like suffocation.

Blood splattered in balgums(mucus).

Everyday in the evening time, there was a little fever.

Day  by day weakness feel.

Had problem with menstruation.

Started having diarrhea.

Insomnia began to occur.

I didn’t like to eat food.

The body felt tired quickly.

I felt a lot of weakness in my body.

I had a headache during the night.

My chest hurt a lot when I coughed.

I had these symptoms.I went to the nearest government hospital to get checked.The health workers gave me a chest x-ray.I trust government hospital.

The health workers checked my health.

The health workers keep medicine in my skin.

From the report, I was confirmed to have tuberculosis infection in my body.After that, the health workers gave me the DOTS-( Direct Observation Treatment Short Course) programs.I was able to take the Tuberculosis medicine regularly until six months under the supervision of health workers.Aftee six months I was cured of this disease.I have returned to the previous stage.Now I don’t see any such symptoms.Now I am free from tuberculosis.But now I have thyroid.I am suffering from thyroid since two years.I have been taking thyroid medication regularly since two years.Now the thyroid is controlled.

Tuberculosis test

I had a sputum test done.

After two months of taking the medicine, the sputum test was done again.

Sputum test was done again in the third months and fifth months after taking the medicine.

Sputum test was also in the last month of taking the medicine.

Symptoms of Tuberculosis

Did not like to eat food.

Insomnia, began to occur.

Menstruation problem in women.

Head pain.

Everyday diarrhea.

Weight loss chest pain.

Blood appears in mucus.

Symptoms such as feeling weak appear.

Tuberculosis disease prevention and control: 

Taking TB medicine regularly after TB treatment.

Taking medicine,getting tested for tuberculosis, regularly consuming nutritious food.

Cleaning the body regularly.

Keep the patient another room.

No smoking and drinking.

BCG vaccination within one year after the birth of a child, running a program related to tuberculosis.

Promoting health education, etc. World Tuberculosis Day is celebrated on March24.

Tuberculosis bacterium was discovered in 1722 March 24 by Robert coach.

(2023) slogan:”Yes!We can end TB !”

(2022):”Invest to end TB.Save lives!”

World Health Day is celebrated on April 7.Beginning of World Health Day.

1950( to commemorate the founding of the World Health Organization on April 7,1947.)

(2023) slogan:” Health for All”

(2022) slogan:” Our planet, Our Health”

The main reason for writing about tuberculosis was that I was suffering from tuberculosis.Now I am free from tuberculosis.After getting rid of this disease,I feel like I have a new birth.

By Krishnaa Kumari Thakur

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